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Compulsive list of the complete compositions by Dennis Báthory-Kitsz

This list is for reference. It lists most of what I remember.

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The Big List

Available for premierePremiered and availableAvailable on requestWithdrawn or unavailableDestroyed, lost, or superseded

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Sonatafor violin & kazoodestroyed-64A-- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
The Life Fulfilled, A Tone Poemfor orchestradestroyed-651Jan- XXXXXXXXX
In Memoriam: Adlai Stevensonfor chamber orchestradestroyed-652July- XXXXXXXXX
A Short Marchfor banddestroyed-653Oct- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Fanfarefor brassdestroyed-661Mar* XXXXXXXXX
Pyrotechnicsoverture, for banddestroyed-662Mar 5* XXXXXXXXX
Symphony in C Major [No. 1]for orchestradestroyed-663Aug- XXXXXXXXX
889-4716passacaglia, for orchestradestroyed-664-- XXXXXXXXX
Four Country & Western Tunesfor voice & guitardestroyed-66A-- XXXXXXXXX
Desirean operatic visionabandoned-66X1-- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Étudefor pianoYouTube/listen/score-671-4/20/07Greenville SC887078296
Sonatine in Eb Minorfor pianoYouTube/listen/score-672-10/6/23Elizabethtown NY922015623
Bonheur (text: DBK)song, for voice & pianodestroyed-673-- XXXXXXXXX
Aigre-Douxsong, for voice & pianodestroyed-674-- XXXXXXXXX
889-4716passacaglia, for windsdestroyed-675-- XXXXXXXXX
Variations on a Namefor pianodestroyed-676-- XXXXXXXXX
Choral Metamorphosis on Effervescencefor choruslisten/pen-67AOct 315/5/72Bucharest
Chorale from Symphony No. 2for pianodestroyed-67B-- XXXXXXXXX
Chorale Amerkuhfor pianofinale/mp3 demo-67C-e 
The Seafor 12-part chorusabandoned-67X1-- XXXXXXXXX
Massfor chorus & orchestraabandoned-67X2-- XXXXXXXXX
Ford 541for rock bands, harpsichords & orchestraabandoned-67X3-- XXXXXXXXX
No. 13for pianoabandoned-67X4-- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
The Gentlest Fire (text: DBK)song, for voices & cello#pen-681-* 
Psalm 121song, for voice & pianoYouTube/listen/score-682-10/6/23Elizabethtown NY922015823
Huit Rêves et L'éveiltone poem, for orchestrascore/mp3 demono683-- 925358383
Huit Rêves et L'éveiltone poem, for horn & winds#penyes684-- 
Diamant de Glacetone poem, for flute & winds#penno685-- 
Valsefor bandscore/mp3 demoyes686-- 
Psalm 108song, for voice & piano#pen-687-- 
Psalm 137song, for voice & pianolisten/score-688Apr5/18/72Trenton NJ
Le Jardin (text: Prévert)song, for voice & harpsichordYouTube (2023)/listen 1972 2023/score-689-5/18/72Trenton NJ922016053
Variations on a Mozart Themefor solo violindestroyed-68A-- XXXXXXXXX
Four Laisses from La Chanson Rolantfor voice, recorder & lutepencil-68B-- XXXXXXXXX
Andantino on a Mozart Themefor solo violindestroyed-68C-- XXXXXXXXX
Hear, O Lord (arr.)for pianoabandoned-68X1-- XXXXXXXXX
Untitled Long Piecefor pianoabandoned-68X2-- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Chanson d'Automne (text: Verlaine)song, for voice & pianoscore/mp3 demo-691Feb- 
The Folly of Being Comforted (text: Yeats)song, for voice, piano & flutescore/mp3 demo-692Jun- 
Composition for Tape & Soloistsfor tape, clarinet & alto voicelisten/playfile/#pen & tape (restored)-693Aug 812/7/85Montpelier VT
Symphony [No. 2]for wind ensemble#penno694Dec 25- 
Trio: Plaisirfor recorder, guitar & piano#penno695-- 
Credofor chorusdestroyed-696Dec4/6/69West Trenton NJXXXXXXXXX
Two Pieces after Stravinskyfor pianoYouTube/listen/#1 #2-697-5/30/15Montpelier VT888926873
Inventionfor keyboarddestroyed-69A-- XXXXXXXXX
Easter Propersfor chorusdestroyed-69B-4/6/69West Trenton NJXXXXXXXXX
Holy Thursday Propersfor chorusdestroyed-69C-4/3/69West Trenton NJXXXXXXXXX
Invention on a Karan Themefor keyboarddestroyed-69D-- XXXXXXXXX
Fuguefor keyboardscore/mp3 demo-69E-e 
Fuga Parvafor keyboarddestroyed-69F-- XXXXXXXXX
Two Miniaturesfor violin, oboe & flutescore/mp3 demono69G-- 
Silent Night (arr.)for violin, chorus, baritone solo, organscore/mp3 demo-69H-12/25/69West Trenton NJXXXXXXXXX
Counterpoint to a Bass by Marcellofor recorderdestroyed-69I-- XXXXXXXXX
Three Selections for Students (text: DBK)for chorusdestroyed-69J-- XXXXXXXXX
A Karan Melody (arr.)for keyboardpencil-69K-* XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
La Nuit d'Août (text: de Musset)song, for voice, flute & pianopen-701Aug- 
Quartetfor windsscore/mp3 demoyes702Jun 5e 
A Fragment (text: Guerieri)for chorusscore/mp3 demo-703-* 
Performing Piece (text: Carroll)for piano & playerdestroyed-704-- XXXXXXXXX
Electronic Construction No. 1for tapelisten/mp3 CD-705-1/17/02Hanover NH350345165
Sonatafor tuba & pianoscore/mp3 demo-706-- 
Electronic Construction No. 2for tapelisten/mp3 CD-707-5/23/76Trenton NJ
Suitefor recorderslisten/score: 1 2 3 4 5 6 score Big Fippleno708Dec5/20/78Trenton NJ
Electronic Construction in Glassfor tapelisten/mp3 CD-70A-1/17/02Hanover NH922016113
Canonfor recorderspencil (missing?)-70B-- 
Miniaturefor solo recorderscore Big Fipple-70C-3/29/75Trenton NJ
Neat-Ofor recorder & voicescore-70D-12/7/85Montpelier VT
God Rest Ye Merry (arr.)for bandscore/mp3 demono70E-* XXXXXXXXX
Three Mozart Minuets (arr.)for recordersdestroyed-70F-10/70Ewing NJXXXXXXXXX
Construction in Glassfor tapelisten/mp3 CD-70G-1/17/02Hanover NH922016113
Construction in Sliding Tonesfor tapelisten/mp3 CD-70H-- 
Construction in Chorus and Soundsfor tapelisten/mp3 CD-70I-1/17/02Hanover NH
Miniaturefor tubadestroyed-70J-- XXXXXXXXX
Three Concrete Constructionsfor tapelisten/mp3 CD-70K-- 
The Internationale (arr.)for recorder quartetdestroyed-70L-5/78Ewing NJXXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Incidental Music to Lysistratafor recorders & voiceslisten to 'curtain'/score Big Fippleno711Feb2/8/71Ewing NJ
Exequy on the Death of Igor Stravinskyfor wind ensembleYouTube/listen/scoreyes712Apr 64/27/91Montpelier VT
Prelude IV (text: Eliot)song, for voice & flutescore/mp3 demo-713Apr- 
Withered (text: Gibbons)song, for voice & percussionlisten/score-714Jul11/7/75Trenton NJ530638267
silence (text: Cummings)for chorusscore/mp3 demo-715- 
syne-4for tapelisten-716-5/23/76Trenton NJXXXXXXXXX
Noise Colorsfor tapelisten-717-XXXXXXXXX
Singing Noise Colorsfor tapelisten-718-10/6/23Elizabethtown NY922015899
Canonfor recordersdestroyed-71A-* XXXXXXXXX
Duetfor recordersdestroyed-71B-* XXXXXXXXX
Violin Constructionfor violin & tapedestroyed-71C-- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Sonata "The Ghost of Nomoth"for double bassscore-721-- 
Doctor Dollar's Magic Saladfor two to twelve playerslisten 1972 1975/score-722Feb 92//9/72Trenton NJ340613027
Construction "on nix rest... in china"for trombones & tapetape only/listen/YouTube/lo-res score/hi-res score-723Feb10/23/02 (priv.)
5/14/03 (public)
Hanover NH
Orange, orange (text: Kay)song, for voice, piano & tambourineYouTube (2023)/listen 1972 2023/score724Mar 115/18/72Ewing NJ922038678
Fuguefor tapedestroyed-725Mar 135/18/75Trenton NJXXXXXXXXX
when Something has changed (text: DBK)for chorusscore/mp3 demo-726May 6- 
Roundelay (text: Myers) [Quintet for Brass]for brass & optional voicescore/mp3 demoyes727Jun 64/29/94Middlebury VT
Wedding Musicfor recorders & electronicspencil-728Aug 134/13/72Fairlawn NJ
Praeludium (All White)for tapelisten/mp3 CD-729-3/29/74Princeton NJ
Concertofor piano, winds & electric bassscore (pencil)no7210Sep 6- 
Twelve Songs (text: cummings)for voice & regal (or piano)listen to four/#pencil-7211Oct 810/14/76Trenton NJ
Variationsfor pianoscore/mp3 demo-7212Dec 285/16/00Rochester NY888926874
d'a'lppfor tapelisten/mp3 CD-72A-- 
Cat Music for Claire and Tom§for cats and seasonsscore-72BMar2004Webster NY
Harpsichord S. Onefor harpsichord & voicepencil-72C-- XXXXXXXXX
Four Renaissance Christmas Tunes (arr.)for voice & harpsichordpencil-72D-12/19/72Ewing NJXXXXXXXXX
Stomach Musicfor tapelisten/mp3 CD-72E-1/17/02Hanover NH
Telephone Tripfor tapelisten/mp3 CD-72F-1/17/02Hanover NH

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Three-Part Inventionfor pianoYouTube/listen/score-731Jan 104/4/07Pomona CA887078297
Psalm 137 (revised)song, for voice & organ#pen-732-- 
La Nuit d'Août (revised)song, for voice, flute & piano#pen-733Jan 8- 
Quartet(No. 1) for stringspen & overlays (lost)yes734Jan 25- 
i cried in the sun aïda (text: DBK)for voices on tapelisten/score-735Jan 291/29/74Princeton NJ
i cried in the sun aïdafor voices liveYouTube/listen/score-735aJan 2911/20/94Montpelier VT390784124
Specimen (text: DBK)for seven playersYouTube/listen/scoreno736Jun 306/5/73Ewing NJ491369301
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (arr.)song, for voice & organlisten/inked score-737Nov 2612/2/73Trenton NJXXXXXXXXX
Trans/Media Minifestsound environmentaudio document-738May5/20?/73Trenton NJXXXXXXXXX
Cantata Procedura Irreleventiafor voice & keyboarddestroyed-73A-1/3/73Ewing NJXXXXXXXXX
Autoharpfor tapelisten/mp3 CD-73B-10/23/02Hanover NH310593427
Transresistor (with L. Kay)for tapetape-73C-- XXXXXXXXX
Four Bach Transcriptionsfor tapedamaged-73D-- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
The Development of the Consciousness of Space in a Childfor tapelisten 1 2 3 4/mp3 CD-741-1/17/02 (part 1)Hanover NH
Five Daydreamsfor tapelisten 1 2 3 4 5/mp3 CD-742-3/29/74Princeton NJ
Psalm 69for chorus and percussion#pencilno743Apr 6* 
Wormholmusikquintet for tubasscore/mp3 demo 1 2 3no744Aug 8*,e 
Burlesque Revue (arrs.)for stage bandlisten Overture 1 2 3 4 5/pencilparts lost745Oct 113/8/86Ewing NJXXXXXXXXX
Bomberfor tapelisten/tape-746-12/7/85Montpelier VT320715848
Rock of Ages (arr.)for barbershop quartetscore/listen 1974 1988-74A-4/11/74Trenton NJXXXXXXXXX
Lester Laxative and the Sensory Windsfor people, etc.score-74B-- 
Three Renaissance Transcriptionsfor tapedamaged-74C-- XXXXXXXXX
Vocalisefor voice & percussionabandoned-74X1-- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Song from Isaiah (5:18-24)song, for voice & synthesizerlisten/playfile/#pen-751Jan 104/20/75Trenton NJ
Waltz in no timefor recorderslisten/score/score Big Fippleno752Jan3/29/75Trenton NJ
California Exile Sour (text: DBK)for seven or more playerslisten/score-753Jan 263/29/75Trenton NJ
Somnambula (text: DBK)for recorder & tape#pencil & tape-754Mar 36/14/75Trenton NJ
O Crewell Fortune (text: DBK)song, for voice & viol consort / SSATBlisten-chorus/listen-viols/scoreno755Jul 318/3/96Montpelier VT
Thirteen Miniatures (text: cummings)songs, for voice & piano#pencil-756Aug 20* 
The Wolfsburg Paladium Capers (text: DBK)for two players & automobile§pencil-757Jul 23- 
Outtake Rodemas (text: DBK, Dewey)for voices on tapetape-758Aug 28- 
Invocation, Dance and Lament for Twandanofor electronic synthesizerno document-759Aug 308/30/75Purchase NYXXXXXXXXX
Network C/R (first version)for dancer, electronic tape & musicianspencil score-7510Sep 1- 
Network C/R (second version)for dancer & electronic tapepencil-7511Sep 3- 
Network C/R (third version)for dancer & electronic tapepencil-7512Sep 4- 
...and gently lead (Isaiah 40:6-8,10-11)song, for young voice, piano & synthesizer#pen-7513Sep 61/1/76Trenton NJ
The Owl Departing (text: DBK et al.)for six players with instrumentslisten/scoreyes7514Nov 211/6/75Trenton NJ450373481
The Lithuanian Liniment March (text: Gunn)for band with optional chorusYouTube/listen/#finaleyes7515Nov 254/27/91Montpelier VT
Candled Piano Musicfor five players & pianolisten/score-75AMar 283/29/75Trenton NJ
Kaxpiksu Rhythmfor four voicesscore-75BJun- 
Hülfe - A Canonic Nubblefor two recorderslisten/#pencil-75CAug 2511/6/75Trenton NJ
...and gently leadfor young voice & pianodestroyed-75DSep 4- XXXXXXXXX
Hooby Oarkoid (with David Gunn)for two recorders & playerspencil-75ESep 28-Nov 411/6/75Trenton NJ
Teething Rings (with David Gunn)for six criers & babysitter (by "Kalvos Gesamte")1975 1985/score-75FNov 611/6/75Trenton NJ500847481
Malpractice Insurancefor food & ensemblescore-75GNov 6- 

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
The Lithuanian Liniment Marchfor piano 5 handslisten/#pencil-761Jan 83/8/86Montpelier VT
Cy-Gît, A Non-Dance in Musicfor 8 players, tape & dancerlisten/#pencilno762Aug 18/11/76Trenton NJ
Permutrance I (with David Gunn)for percussionpencil-763Sep 269/26/76New Hope PA
Permutrance IIfor percussionpencil-764Sep 279/27/76New Hope PA
O Happy Dayfor trumpet, horn & trombonescore/mp3 demo-765Oct 110/2/76Washington DC
In Dulci Jubilofor chorus, organ & bass drum#pencil-766Oct 19* 
Introit: In Jubilofor organ, piano & percussion#pencil-767Oct 31- 
Exeunt: In Jubilofor organ, piano & talking drum#pencil-768Nov 11- 
Incidental Music to At the Edge of the Woodfor recorders, bagpipe & piano#pencil-769Nov 1611/27/76Far Hills NJ
Desolation and Ruinfor chorus, organ & bass drumscore/mp3 demo-7610Nov- 
Bist du bei mir (arr.)for organ & two voicespencil-76A-- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Stoneworld/Greyfor four dancer-musiciansscore-771Jan 43/20/77Trenton NJ000000000
Plasm over ocean (text: Gunn)a chamber operaYouTube/listen scene 1 2 3/scoreno772Jul 1110/13/77Trenton NJ
Gendarmefor whistles & boxesscore-773Jun 196/19/77New York
when there are no words / a waltz for clairefor recorderscore Big Fipple/m3p demo-774Aug 8* 
Triple Quartetfor strings#pencilno775Dec 28- 

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Missa da Camerafor 10 performerslisten kyrie gloria credo sanctus agnus / scoreno781May 26/20/78Trenton NJ
Sanonic Conatasfor 2 recordersscore Big Fipple/mp3 demo 1 2 3 4 5 -782Jul 1511/29/78Roxbury VT
Unopposed Duetfor 2 bass clarinets#pen-783Jul 18- 
Feli a trefor 3 clarinets#penno784Jul 19- 
Rando's Poetic Licensefor microcomputer, tape & interactive audiencelisten/#limited edition-785Sep 149/15/78Washington DC
Tool Alphabet for Children (text: Gunn)for voices, keyboards, recorders, etc.Score: axe buzzsaw chisel/mp3 demo axe buzzsaw chiselno786Dec- 
Car Horn Symphony No. 1for 16 automobiles, 2 motorcycles & Datsun air whistlelisten/lost-78AMay 215/21/78Trenton NJXXXXXXXXX
In Darkness Let Me Dwell (arr.)for voice & recorders SATBavailable on XXXXXXXXX
Christian Wolff in Hanover (pt. I)for 3 voiceslisten/#pencil-78CNov 611/6/78Hanover NH

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Not Vermont Hardware (text: DBK et al.)for microcomputers, props & 3 playerslisten/scoreyes791Mar 213/21/79Montpelier VT
Three Canonic Duets - Doots, Cakewalk, Ragfor 2 recordersscore Big Fipple/mp3 demo doots cakewalk rag-792April* 
Table Scrapsfor 2 krumhornsscore Big Fipple/mp3 demo-79A-* 
0:TBOfor solo instrumentpencil-79B-- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Garbanzo Beanfor wind quintetlisten/score-801-2012Essex UK
Songs on Isaiahfor voice & small instrumentsabandoned-80X1-- XXXXXXXXX
11 Chants on the Day of Reckoningfor small ensembleabandoned-80X2-- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Wedding Musicfor piano, organ, synthesizer, voices, triangulum, computers & miscellaneous partslisten to Processional/pencilyes811Jan 311/31/81Randolph VT000000000

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
The Hanging Man (text: Plath)for voices, brass, winds & stringsscore/mp3 demoyes821Jul 8* 
Cruisefor saxes, piano & voiceslisten/#pencilyes823Oct 1010/10/82Roxbury VT
Bugsfor congas, piano, voices & synthesizerlisten/#pencilyes824Oct 1010/10/82Roxbury VT
101 for Woody (text: Gunn et al.)for voices & clownspencil-825Dec 5- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Ash Wednesday (text: Eliot)for voices & instrumentslisten/#penyes831Mar 53/20/83Windsor VT000000000
Permutrance IIIfor voices & instruments§typeset-832Jul 187/18/83Roxbury VT

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Psalm 137song, for alto voice & pianoscore/mp3 demo-851May 89/9/87Roxbury VT
A Glass Clown (text: DBK)songs, for mezzo-soprano voice & pianoYouTube/listen/score-852May 1210/5/23Plattsburgh NY922016507
Wedding Changesfor 3 flutesscore (2013 ed.)no853May 316/22/85Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
Nighthawksound sculpture, for 4 computerssoftware hardware sculpture-854Apr 164/16/85Montpelier VTXXXXXXXXX
Mirrorgarden (Permutrance IV)performance work§typeset sculpture-859Jun 226/22/85Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
Echo (text: DBK et al.)performance ritual in 4 partslisten/§typeset software hardware sculpture
partial homonym interlude kaddish narrative pieta program stageset victory
-855Sep 209/20/85Montpelier VTXXXXXXXXX
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (rev.)song, for voice & organinked score-856Oct 1812/1/85Roxbury VT
The Two-Minute Sneezetrio, for oboe, clarinet & bassoonlisten/scoreyes857Nov 2612/22/85Roxbury VT
Ah, Minimalism! (text: DBK)for tapelisten-858Dec 153/8/86Montpelier VT
How Can I Keep From Singing (arr.)for 3 voicesavailable on VTXXXXXXXXX
Amazing Grace (arr.)for viol & 5 voicesavailable on VTXXXXXXXXX
Eye of the Tiger (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes85C-1985Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
Hark the Herald (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes85D-12/18/85Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Sonata (Windows on the Moon)for solo celloYouTube/listen/score (latest vers.)-861Jan 63/27/22Kittery ME530998011
Mantra Canon [Symphony No. 3]for large ensembleYouTube/listen/score (138MB)yes862Feb 73/8/86Montpelier VT431318693
Psalm 84 "How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place"for choruslisten/score-863Mar 203/23/86Roxbury VT460951971
A Happy Birthday Eventfor 20 singersscoreyes864Apr 194/19/86Montpelier VT
Permutrance V (Mirrorgarden)for at least one performerscore full chorus solo -865Jun 216/21/86Roxbury VT
Angels... Avenging...for 4 untuned instruments on tapelisten-866Jun 297/2/86Montpelier VT310593445
Incidental Music to On The Vergefor 2 flutes, recorder, 2 guitars, organ, & percussionlisten/#pencilyes867Aug 58/7/86Waitsfield VT
In Bocca al Lupo (with Fernanda D'Agostino)sound sculpture environmentlisten/software/hardware-868Sep 69/6/86Billings MTXXXXXXXXX
Beepers (text: Brady Kynans)cabaret, for voices & piano (by "Brady Kynans")YouTube/listen (Finale)/score/inkedno869Nov 91/23/87Montpelier VT320450624
Star Wars Title Theme (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes86A-4/5/86Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
America the Beautiful (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes86BApr 305/31/86Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Winter, Three Songs on the Nature of Armageddon
[Symphony No. 4] (text: Manfredonia)
for mezzo-soprano voice & orchestrascore/mp3 demono871May 25- 
Fanfare for a New Homefor flute, 2 violins, 2 trumpets, piano & drums#finaleyes872Jul 251987Vergennes VT
Rough Edgesfor pianolisten/score-873Jul 2911/13/87Barre VT480212240
Syrian Saucersfor orchestral grouping#pencilno874Aug 4- 492233133
Roxbury Blowout March [The Blowout]for bandscore/mp3 demoyes875Aug 169/7/87Roxbury VT480738610
Fodor Fuguefor solo violinscore/mp3 demo-876Dec 7e 360889292
Puer Natus in Bethlehemfor 4 voicesscore/mp3 demo-877Dec 912/24/87Roxbury VT460951953
Sinnerman (arr.)for choruslisten/#pen-87AJun 307/19/87Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
The Liberty Bell (arr.)for bandpencilyes87BAug 179/7/87Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
Hark the Herald (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes87CDec 21987Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
Birthday Piece for Davidfor 40-part chorusabandoned-87X1-- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Jubilate Deo (Psalm 100)for 4 voiceslisten/score-881Sep 1910/2/88Roxbury VT460305795
Pianarollfor piano & tapescore/tape-882Nov 12- 460951935
Cat Dancesfor 3 stringslisten 1 2 3/scoreno883Dec 1911/11/89Middlebury VT331345870
Car Horn Symphony No. 2for 30 vehiclesYouTube/listen/scoreyes884Oct 110/1/88Roxbury VT
America the Beautiful (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes88A-1988Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
Hal'luet Adonai (arr.)for choruslisten/#pencil-88B-5/1/88Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
What Wondrous Love (arr.)for 3 voicesavailable on demo-88CNov 1911/23/88Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
An O'er Flowing Stream: Variations on Justin Morgan's Amandafor violin, 2 cellos & harpsichordlisten/score/Available on sheetmusicplus.comyes891Jan 67/23/89Braintree VT220031730
Bang the Rocks Togetherfor violin, 2 voices & percussionscore/mp3 demono892Mar 26e 321098871
Northern Lights...Seeking Sasquatchfor orchestrascore/mp3 demono893Mar 26- 440704712
Csárdásfor pianolisten/score-894Aug 2111/4/89Putney VT331442238
Four Sharksfor two quartets & pianoscore/mp3 demo #4no895Sep 8- 360889274
Sabafor two voicesscore Big Fipple-896Sep 11- 492233099
Joint Composition JPSfor violinpenyes897Oct 811/3/89Putney VTXXXXXXXXX
Come Ye Variationsfor 2 recorders#pencil-898Nov 2111/22/89Roxbury VT
Conceptual Church Hymnfor 7 voices#typescriptyes89AMay 65/6/89Roxbury VT
Numa / For Lilafor pianoscore-89B-* 
Hark the Herald (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes89CNov 201989Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
A Time Machine (text: DBK)a performance work & song cycle for 7 performers & dancerlisten/pencil scoreyes901May 711/8/91Burlington VT500461852
Honey & Hopsfor clarinetlisten 1992 2023/score-902May 3011/6/92Burlington VT380365238
Yçuré [Symphony No. 5, part 1]for two chamber orchestraslisten/mp3 demo/scoreyes903Jun 299/2/90Guilford VT550433431
Wedding Changes / Five Morefor 3 flutesscore (2013 ed.)yes904Jul 1e XXXXXXXXX
Grand Mirlitonfor bass clarinet & hornscore/mp3 demono905Jul 31994?Juilliard NYC370668752
Nima / For Jackiefor solo flute with piano or with optional guitar chordsscore/mp3 demono906Dec 25e 
Fanfare for Peace: The Lily and the Thornfor orchestralisten/scoreyes907Dec 307/13/91Montpelier VT360275767
The Cat Came Back (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes90A-6/90Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
Popeye the Sailor (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes90B-5/90Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
Nature's Way (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes90C-5/90Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
George (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes90D-5/90Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
Ghost of Tom (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes90E-1990Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
Erie Canal (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes90FNov 75/17/91Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
The Lily and the Thorn, concert versionfor orchestrascoreyes911Jan 12/17/24Colchester VT360889256
Mouth Piece (Peace) (text: Ginsberg)for tantric voices, tuba & 2 trombones with reed mouthpiecesno912Feb 21- 431318719
Softening Cries [Symphony No. 5, part 2]for orchestralisten/score and partsyes913Apr 176/7/92Bennington VT490713289
Thièlefor solo violinYouTube/listen 1 2 3/score-914May 143/30/94Woodstock VT501728376
The Herdfor 2 flutes, clarinet & celloscore/mp3 demono915Jun 226/23/91Johnson VT501570214
Almost Not in Progressfor 2 flutes, clarinet & cellolisten (recorders)/scoreyes916Jun 246/30/91Johnson VT311488996
Generic Institutional Amalgamated March (The Galley)for bandlisten/scoreyes917Jul 17/4/91Johnson VT370897639
Kalhadfor flute, cello & pianoscore/mp3 demoyes918Jul 5* 410351392
Honey & Hops (revised)for solo clarinetlisten 1992 2023/score-919Oct 9- 380365238
Wolf5performance work & sound environment§typeset software hardwareyes9110Oct 1210/12/91Randolph VTXXXXXXXXX
The Pretty Songsfor sax & voicescoreno9111Dec 28- 502232793
Conceptual Church Hymn No. 2for 10 voicesscoreyes91AJan 65/19/91Vermont
When Johnny Comes Marching Home (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes91BJan 171991Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
Mexican Hat Dance (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes91CJan1991Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
Joshua (arr.)for elementary school bandpencilyes91DMar5/17/91Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
Hoopsfor 6 flutespenno91EMay 25/17/91Roxbury VT
Tell Me Why (arr.)for 3 clarinetspencilno91FMay 25/17/91Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
Tell Me Why (arr.)for 3 voicespencil-91GJun 196/19/91Roxbury VTXXXXXXXXX
Process 1for electric bass, piano, flute & clarinetpencilyes91HJun 296/29/91Castleton VT
Process 2for electric bass, piano, flute & clarinetpencilyes91IJun 296/29/91Castleton VT
Governor's Mantrafor choruspencil-91JJun 28* XXXXXXXXX
Noma / For Renyafor solo flutelisten/score-91KJul 64/29/00Dartmouth MA440704696

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
The Pretty Songs (revised)for alto flute & voicelost-921Jan 10- XXXXXXXXX
Super Flumina Babylonisfor 12-part chorus SATBYouTube/listen/score-922Mar 77/2/05Setúbal PT492233151
Binky Plays Marblesfor double bass & violascore/Performance soonno923May 204/28/23 (1st movt)Athens OH321182798
Guthrie Groupfor pit orchestrapencilyes924Jul 67/9/92Castleton VTXXXXXXXXX
The Moon (text: Hewitt)for solo voiceYouTube/listen/score-925Jul 87/9/92Castleton VT501728394
Aurora Cagealisfor 12 playerslisten/scoreyes926Aug 1811/7/92Middlebury VT311184699
A Conversation Pad for David (text: Gunn)for dinner gueststypescriptyes927Dec 1212/12/92Burlington VT
Seven ECLM Studies (Seven Chocolate Eclems)for violin and cellolisten 1 2 3 4 5 6 7/score-928Dec 174/15/94Montpelier VT490812449
Walpurgisnacht Piecefor any instrumentpencil-92AApr 30- XXXXXXXXX
Johann Schein Intrada (arr.)for pit orchestrapencilyes92BJun 297/12/92Castleton VTXXXXXXXXX
Gunn Mesopotamian March (arr.)for pit orchestrapencilyes92CJul 37/12/92Castleton VTXXXXXXXXX
A Little Shade Music for Maggieperformance piece for 3 playersscore-92DJul 117/12/92Castleton VT
Keefe Come Fair Maids (arr.)for woodwind quartetpencilyes92EJul 117/12/92Castleton VTXXXXXXXXX
Lange Weg Rondround in 2 partspen-92FJul 14- 

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Fear of Stars Before Twilight: Four Songs on Texts by Male Poets (texts: Prévert, Verlaine, Yeats, de Musset, Eliot)for voice, piano & flute
(by "Orra Maussade")
#pen-931Jan 3- 
Meditations on the Llama Sutrafor tapelisten/mp3 CD-932Jan 17- 431620534
Llama Butterfor solo tuba & tapelisten/watch lo-band/watch hi-band/score & tape-933Jan 262/9/95Urbana IL421078971
MixMaster's Revengefor suzalyne & sympitarscore/mp3 demo-934Feb 1e 431620516
Body Languagefor tapelisten-935Feb 7- 321479978
The Big Fipple25 pieces for recorders score-936May 1- 
Sonata (Windows on the Moon)for solo celloYouTube/listen/score (latest vers.)-937May 173/27/22Kittery ME530998011
Emerald Canticles, Belowfor violin, cello, clarinet, & pianolisten/scoreyes938May 231/21/95Toronto350203371
Lush Life (arr.)for voice, violin, clarinet, & celloavailable on 284/10/94Montpelier VTXXXXXXXXX
8 Pooners (vers. 0.0 & 0.1)performance piece for clarinettistscore hard version text/mp3 demo-9310a/bJul 7- 350604812
The Herd (revised)for pianoYouTube/listen/score-9311Aug 75/14/03Amsterdam501570214
Bang the Rocks Together (revised)for disco mariachi groupscore/mp3 demono9312Aug 19e 321098871
Party Musik I (a)for small ensemblefinaleno9313Oct 20- XXXXXXXXX
Party Music I (b)for tapetape-9314Oct 314/29/94Woodstock VT460887210
McFwang's Allstep & Swagfor reed, brass, bass & percussionscoreno9315Nov 9e 431232310
Melisma: A Birthday Songfor strings, oboe, horns, electric bass & voicescore/mp3 demono9316Dec 13e 431232294
Chordallfanfare, for orchestrafinaleno93AMay 15- XXXXXXXXX
TrainWrekfor instrumentfinale-93BJun 29- XXXXXXXXX
Chamtaps (arr. of Gunn Champagne)for small ensemblefinaleno93CJul 6- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Dancing Despite Despairfor brass quintetscore/mp3 demoyes941Aug 16* 341001472
Hypertunes, Baby (text: DBK)for voice & tapelisten/tape only/#typeset/sequenced-942Nov 911/9/94Middlebury VT380365319
Unisons Ifor small ensemblelisten/scoreyes943Nov 611/20/94Montpelier VT510241955
Build, Make, Dofor violin, clarinet, marimba, keyboards, drumlisten/scoreyes944Nov 1411/20/94Montpelier VT321094357
The Particles / Cold Stones IIfor 3 celli, horns, electric bass, and oboescore/mp3 demono945Nov 28e 501578430
Melisma / Cold Stones Ifor violin, cello, clarinet, horns, bass, cymbsscore/mp3 demono946Nov 29e 431232294
Brand 9 from Outer Spacefor sax, bassoon & pianoscoreyes947Dec 13e 321094339
Architects / Cold Stones IIIfor violin, 3 celli, 2 horns, cbass & timpscore/mp3 demono948Dec 21e 311100377
Adouane / Cold Stones IVfor violin, cello, 4 horns (alt trps), cb & timpscore/mp3 demono949Dec 29e 311100395
For the Invisiblefor electronicslisten-94AJul 301/17/02Hanover NH360825896
Descent of the Particlesfor violin, clarinet, cello, keyboardlisten/scoreno94BNov 2711/3/96Burlington VT340410166
Cat Dances (revised)for 3 saxesscoreyes94CDec 5- 331345870
Cat Dances (revised)for 3 stringslisten 1 2 3/scoreyes94DDec 5- 331345870
Dripworks [orig. Symphony No. 5, part 3, abandoned]for orchestrapenno94X1-- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Hang Timefor timpani & orchestrascore/mp3 demoyes951Apr 24e 380860793
Graagfor wind sextetscore/mp3 demono952Jun 2e 370670972
Falling Into the Sun Againfor 2 violinsscore/mp3 demono953Jun 15*,e 360825930
Wedding Changes: And Five Morefor 3 flutesscore (2013 ed.)no954Jun 23e XXXXXXXXX
Murkee's Lamentfor 2 pianos, cello quartet & cbass quartetin prep/mp3 demono955Jul 1e 431231937
Kibble & Timbralsfor 2 oboes, English horn, alto clar & trombscore/mp3 demono956Nov 17e 410265477
Fissheyfor small ensemble on tapesequenced-95AJun 9- XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Missingen Marchfor bandscore/mp3 demono961Mar 11e 431227853
Hoots & Honks(No. 2) for string quartetnew version 2019 score/mp3 demono962Apr 15e 380857994
Gardens: A Love Songfor English horn & string quartetlisten/scoreno963Jul 1110/22/05Ghent370668734
Xirxfor electronics[ closed; posted soon]-964Aug 98/13/96Montpelier VT540058179
s'londrofor two harps#sequenced/mp3 demono965Sep 20e 492076278
zéyufor tapelisten/Frog Peak CD-966Oct 2311/8/96Melbourne560059792
quânhfor tapelisten/Frog Peak CD-967Oct 2411/8/96Melbourne560059792
sweehfor tapelisten/Frog Peak CD-968Oct 2411/8/96Melbourne560059792
exirxionfor tapelisten-969Nov 811/9/96Burlington VT350602958

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Marche des Saladiensfor small bandscoreno971Mar 13e 431231919
Feet First, Face Firstreally cheap fanfare for brassscore/mp3 demono972Apr 18e 360825912
Jetludefor chamber ensemblescore/mp3 demono973June 12e 400368394
Brand 9 from Outer Space (revised)for piano and stringslisten/scoreyes974Sep 2211/2/97New Orleans321094339
Detritus of Matingsound environment#sequenced-975Nov 1611/21/97Burlington VT340621330
Detritus of Matingfor electroacousticslisten/CD available-976Nov 213/4/98[CD's arrive]340621330

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
The Big Dragfor wind quartetlisten/scoreyes981Feb 711/13/99Brattleboro VT500888679
Spindlefor deconstructed Midi pianoaudio file-982Apr 44/4/98Plainfield VTXXXXXXXXX
Into the Morning Rainfor 2 bass clarinets, violin, cello, percussionlisten/scoreyes983Nov 273/14/99Burlington VT390621406

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Zonule Glaes IIfor string quartet & electronic playbacklisten/scoreyes991Mar 123/22/99Prague560085110
Zonule Glaes IIsound environmentCD availableyes992Mar 233/23/99Prague560085110
Y2K-Compliant Musicfor flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, celloscoreyes993Mar 15* 550256070
LowBirdsfor flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, pianolisten/scoreyes994Apr 26/10/99New York420513500
bellyloopselectronic playbacklisten-995May 305/15/00Dartmouth MA922038753
Mountain Millennium Dawnfor middle-school bandscoreyes996Oct 15*,e 430777958
Sourian Slidefor string orchestraYouTube/YouTube/listen/scoreyes997Dec 163/18/00Montpelier VT491299137
No Money (Lullaby for Bill)electronic playbacklisten-998Dec 3112/31/99 (online)
5/14/03 (public)

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Mountain Dawn Fanfarefor orchestralisten/scoreyes001Jan 313/18/00Montpelier VT430777930
Warebrookfor sacred harp chorus SATBscore/mp3 demo-002Mar 14*,e 530627297
Quince & Fog Fallsfor fl/afl/picc, vlc, pno, 2 glck, 2 percscore/mp3 demoyes003May 12e 470133434
The Sub-Aether Bandefor flute & percussionscore/mp3 demono004May 15e 500888651
RatGeyserfor MalletKat & playbackYouTube excerpt/listen/scoreyes005Jun 148/25/01Montpelier VT480427634
Wedding Changes: Five for the New Centuryfor 3 flutesscore (2013 ed.)/mp3 demono006Jun 15e 530627313
FreeSimplefor electronic playbacklisten-007Jun 24- 360823254
Snare: Wildingfor electronic playbacklisten-008Jun 249/18/00Montpelier VT491299119
Glossolalia 15for electronic playbacklisten-00AApr 25- 370720293
Williams AMix 26audio soundtracklisten-00BApr 255/22/01Hanover NH
Williams VMix 14video soundtrackaudio file-00CMay 22- 
Williams VMix 24video soundtracklisten-00DMay 30- 

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
HighBirds (Prime)for 2 electric guitars & playbackscore doc primo secondo/playfileyes011Feb 88/25/01Montpelier VT380552018
The Key of Locustfor violin, clarinet/viola, and celloscore/mp3 demoyes012Oct 6e 500888633
Fuliginous Quadrantfor violin, clarinet, cello and pianoYouTube/listen/score simplifiedyes013Nov 2710/22/05Ghent360517577
Mirrored Birdsfor flute & orchestralisten/scoreyes014Dec 273/9/01Montpelier VT430777912

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
VoxNfor vn, vla, vlc, pno, & readerscoreyes021Feb 18*,e 520205878
QaXing I (Ga-Jing)for electronic playbackaudio file-022AMar 233/23/02Plainfield VTXXXXXXXXX
QaXing IIfor electronic playbacklisten-022BApr 710/8/23Elizabethtown NY922038690
Prometheus Variationsfor electronic playbacklisten-023May 255/25/02Plainfield VTXXXXXXXXX
Zeven Mergpijpjesfor violin & celloscore/mp3 demono024May 307/20/02 (priv)Utrecht560086691
Storesfor chamber orchestra score: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10/mp3 demo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9no025Jun 289/24/02video release491631473
Award Fanfarefor windsin prepno026Sep 279/28/02Burlington VT311488978
Tïrkíinistrá, 25 Landscape Preludesfor pianolisten to some/listen to more/
listen to all/score
-027Oct 1112/3/02 (part)
5/14/03 (part)
4/27/14 (full)
Burlington VT
Portland ME
Bales, Barrels, & Cones: Antebellum/Antibellumfor drumkit & playbackscore/mp3 demo-028Oct 20e 320870751
Lullaby for Justinfor violin & vocaliseYouTube/score-02ADec 259/19/21Deer Isle ME421051794

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
MiddelBurdfor flute, b cl, pno, & 2 elec guitarsscore/mp3 demono031Apr 8e 431202512
iskajtbrzfor electronic playbacklisten-032May 3011/03UnLimit CD Released391232638
Northsea Balletic Spicebushfor solo double basslisten/score-033Jun 133/28/04Terre Haute440637250
Genial Music (Fractal Study No. 1)for 3 strings, fl./picc., & glock.score/mp3 demo-034Jun 14e 370652812
Nordzee: Liliya Study No. 1for double bassscore/mp3 demo-035Jun 15e 440637278
Vernalty: Liliya Study No. 2for double bassscore/mp3 demo-036Jun 15e 520296011
The Warbler's Gardenfor electronic playbacklisten-037Jun 1811/2/03New York501527511
Spammung (text: DBK)for voice & electronic playbackYouTube/YouTube/listen/playfile/vocal scoreno038Aug 228/23/03Hanover NH492020176
LiquidBirdsfor 3 Theremins, voices & videoYouTube/video part/playfile/scoreyes039Nov 1311/15/03Burlington VT421051810
Grand Mirliton (revised)for horn & celloin prepno0310Nov 7- 370668752
Glossolalia 18for electronic playbacklisten-03AMay 30e 370671015
Glossolalia 19for electronic playbacklisten-03BMay 30e 370670918
Glossolalia 20for electronic playbacklisten-03CMay 30e 370670990
Glossolalia 21for electronic playbacklisten-03DMay 30e 370670954
Glossolalia 22for electronic playbacklisten-03EMay 30e 370670936
Ackibblefor unsummed accordionsin prep/mp3 demo-03FOct 1110/11/03Plainfield VTXXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Bouzavoxfor virtual voice & virtual bouzoukilisten-041Jan 31/3/04Plainfield VTXXXXXXXXX
Shahmatfor solo flutelisten/score-042Apr 298/7/04Plainfield VT492233115
Manifold Warblersfor electronic playbacklisten-043May 3e 431318675
Euphoria Study No. 1for electronic playbacklisten-044AMay 5e 350647133
Euphoria Study No. 2for electronic playbacklisten-044BMay 6e 350647133
Phylum Euphoriafor euphonium and electronic playbackscore/treble clef version/playfileyes045May 6e 461041612
Sing to Me: The Blood Scene (text: DBK)for mezzo-soprano voice, flute, guitar, cello, toy piano, and gongYouTube/score/videoyes046May 175/30/04
Barre VT
Discovery Channel
Icecutfor orchestralisten/scoreyes047Jul 239/22/0410-stop VT tour391483171
Hypertunes, Baby (revised)for voice & tapelisten/tape only/text-048Aug 410/16/05Amsterdam380365319
krikisquefor electronic playbacklisten-049Sep 611/7/04New York410307716
By Still Waters (text: trad. Russian)for solo voice and dronelisten/score-0410Oct 810/23/04Valley Falls NY
New York
LiquidBirds IIfor video playbackin prep-0411Nov 3- 421446653
Quarts of Madnessfor electronic playbacklisten-04AMay 155/15/04Plainfield VTXXXXXXXXX
Pomme de Terrefor electronic playback -04BNov 611/6/04Plainfield VTXXXXXXXXX
Norzay Pingfor electronic playbacklisten-04CNov 2011/20/04Plainfield VTXXXXXXXXX
Stalsilovolfor electronic playback, in 3 partslisten 1 2 3 -04DDec 412/4/04Plainfield VTXXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Tuber Animatafor small orchestrascore/mp3 demono051Feb 52/5/05 (e)Plainfield VT502232819
Memento Mori, for Noah Creshevskyfor extended voice & playbacklisten/score/playfile-052a stereo
052b octo
Feb 72/10/05Hanover NH431620490
Like to a Rosefor alto sax and percussionscore/mp3 demono053Mar 8e421446671
Rose Quartz Crystal Radiofor bari sax and percussion score/mp3 demono054Mar 20e480922652
nysuca haneifor electronic playbacklisten -055Apr 1111/5/05New York440895954
Jameo y el Delfin Mareadofor orchestraYouTube/score/mp3 demo yes056Jul 186/1/13Colchester VT400488353
Wedding Changesfor 3 flutesscore (2013 ed.)/mp3 demo no057May 19e530627313
Elusive Parallels (in Time)for flute, bass clarinet and playbacklisten/score/playfile no058Jun 1011/11/05Montpelier VT350844036
Sweet Ovalsfor solo French hornlisten/score-059Jun 216/26/05Montpelier VT492976939
Syrens of the Collective Unconsciousfor one to three pianosscore/mp3 demo-0510Jul 28e 493031797
L'Estampie du Chevalier(No. 3) for string quartetlisten/scoreyes0511Aug 1010/22/05Ghent350880738
L'Estampie du Chevalierfor string orchestrascoreyes0511SAug 105/19/13Chicago350880738
Loyalcat Motetfor flute, oboe, horn, 2 voiceslisten/scoreyes0512Sep 159/17/05Plainfield VT421628493
Aureliafor theremin and pianoscore/mp3 demo-0513Dec 20e 312036436
In Winter, Not Stillfor 8 stringsscore/mp3 demono0514Dec 25e 392257173
Symphony of Sirensfor electronic playbacklisten-05AJan 81/8/05Plainfield VTXXXXXXXXX
Shortninfor chamber ensemblelistenno05BJan 291/29/05 (e)Plainfield VTXXXXXXXXX
Breadfor chamber ensemblelistenno05CJan 29eXXXXXXXXX
Fort-Bruit Symphoniefor playback-05DMay 145/14/05Plainfield VTXXXXXXXXX
Syrenicalfor playbacklisten-05EJune 1710/26/21Raleigh NC916553169
New Orleans Requiem (James Drew), arr.flute, oboe, horn, 2 voicesyes05FSep 149/17/05Plainfield VTXXXXXXXXX
Permutrance VIfor voice, MalletKat, percussionlistenyes05GOct 1310/13/05Amsterdam461783571
Permutrance VIIfor solo voicelisten-05HOct 1710/17/05Amsterdam880261325
Yer Attentionstudy for organfinale-05IDec 31  XXXXXXXXX
uzokuthumelelafor organabandoned-05X1-  XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Yer Attention, Pleasefor organYouTube/listen/score-061Jan 12/26/20Glasgow550709812
Cíglerániafor solo hornscore/mp3 demo-062Jan 7e 332350415
Clouds of Endless Summerfor violin, cello and pianoYouTube/listen/scoreyes063Jan 910/8/23Elizabethtown NY332350433
Recalling Mississquoi Fallsfor eight hornslisten/scoreyes064Mar 36/12/10Montpelier VT481278633
Filliana Bolero: The Nine Manifolds of Aurelia's Songfor playbacklisten-065Mar 10e 361518216
Eventidefor piccolo, small clarinet, contrabassoonlisten 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 / scoreyes066May 109/6/06Winooski VT351102915
Call Me (text: Dowland)for extended voice & playbacklisten/score-067June 166/22/06Valley Falls NY332350451
In Brassy Splendafanfare for brass & percussionscore/mp3 demono068July 13e 392257191
chartrelianfor playbacklisten-069July 2510/7/23 - WAAMElizabethtown NY332350479
Winter's Stealthfor cello and string orchestralisten/scoreyes0610October 20pre-WAAM 532089535
Sultry Nightsfor sax and piano no0611August 118/12/06 (e)New York493794697
filouriafor playbackYouTube/listen-06AMar 1111/10/06New York361518234
felungiafor playbacklisten-06BMar 11e 361518252
Chess Camp (text: DBK)video cues for chamber ens. & playbackwatch-06CMar 304/1/06 rel.OnlineXXXXXXXXX
Wagner Windup Dollfor playback -06DAug 118/12/06New YorkXXXXXXXXX
Orange Quartetfor string quartetscore/mp3 demono06ESep 99/10/06 (e) pre-WAAMBurlington VT451215873

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Graffiti (A New Year's Celebration for Noah)for playbacklisten-071Jan 110/8/23 - WAAMElizabethtown NY371433351
Toccata: Delle Montagne Verdifor pianoscore/mp3 demo-072Jan 2WAAM 503731859
Candles of Red Skyfor theremin & performer's voicescore-073Jan 33/23/14 - WAAMBirmingham UK332681077
I lift my heavy heart (text: Barrett Browning)for voice, flute and guitarlisten/score-074Jan 64/5/08 - WAAMNew York392550935
coalescence (cornubracchia 2)for trumpet & organscore/mp3 demo-075Jan 18WAAM 332860132
Lunar Cascade in Serial Time: Januaryperformance piece for solo tenor guitarcover/January scoreno076Jan 191/1/23 - WAAMonline880252110
In het Donkere Bosfor viola & bass clarinetYouTube/listen/score/transposed scoreyes077Jan 2110/8/23 - WAAMElizabethtown NY392712493
Pivot: The House of Clovesfor 4-track Midiscore/mp3 demo-078Jan 22WAAM 462133557
Moving to Lullabyfor solo trombone & performer's voiceYouTube/listen/score-079Jan 239/9/23 - WAAMMorris MN432702579
Come, come! (text: Henry Vaughan)for chorus SATBlisten/score-0710Jan 242/25/07 - WAAMSudbury MA332681095
Coarse Saltfor solo soprano saxscore/mp3 demo-0711Jan 25WAAM 332742831
Earth, Air, Water, Sleepfor cello or vocalise & pianoscore/mp3 demo-0712Jan 26WAAM 351372035
Mountains of Spicesfor mezzo-soprano voice, violin, viola & pianoYouTube/listen/scoreyes0713Jan 284/14/07 - WAAMTulsa432535750
Deliveryfor 2 pianos or piano 4-hands or piano and marimbaYouTube/listen/score (1p)/primo/secondoyes0714Jan 3010/7/23 - WAAMElizabethtown NY342324630
Starry Nightfor pianolisten/score-0715Jan 315/15/11 - WAAMMontpelier VT494665379
Running the Traction Linefor cello & double bassscore/mp3 demo-0716Feb 1WAAM 481596254
What to Do, Farmer Gray?for 4-mallet marimbascore/mp3 demo-0717Feb 34/24/15 - WAAMBurlington VT532227493
Return to Ninevehfor extended voicescore-0718Feb 5WAAM 481495112
Centeringfor chorus SATB (with div.)score/mp3 demo-0719Feb 7WAAM 332681111
Soundingsfor organscore/mp3 demo-0720Feb 97/16/07 - WAAMOttawa494665397
Compound Refractionsfor solo fluteYouTube/listen/score-0721Feb 122/24/08 - WAAMNew York332860150
The Ideal (text: Assatour)for voice & pianoYouTube/listen/score-0722Feb 1510/8/23 - WAAMElizabethtown NY392550953
Lunar Cascade in Serial Time: Februaryperformance piece for solo tenor guitarcover/February scoreno0723Feb 172/1/23 - WAAMonline880252109
Turn Around, Bustle & Blazefor viola, horn, cello & pianolisten/scoreyes0724Feb 2110/20/07 - WAAMBurlington VT504002313
An Offering Borne Againfor pianoYouTube/listen/score-0725Feb 254/25/14 - WAAMPortland ME312551370
Diese Welt ist so Schön (text: Gunn)for soprano voice, clarinet and vibraphonescore/mp3 demoyes0726Mar 1WAAM 342165151
Tuba Marcatofor 2 trp, 2trb, tuba, timpscore/mp3 demoyes0727Mar 3WAAM 504002331
Three Tiny Prevaricationsfor ukulelescore/mp3 demo-0728Mar 6WAAM 504002359
New Granitefor fl,, vn, vlc, pianoYouTube/listen/scoreyes0729Mar 1111/9/07 - WAAMMontpelier VT441490853
Lunar Cascade in Serial Time: Marchperformance piece for solo tenor guitarcover/March scoreno0730Mar 213/1/23 - WAAMonline880252108
Full House Resetfor piano triolisten/scoreyes0731Mar 2210/13/07 - WAAMRandolph VT361878131
Hermit of the Furiesfor solo celloYouTube/listen/score-0732Mar 2610/7/23 - WAAMElizabethtown NY381832437
Fortune in Her Eyesfor piano four handsscore/mp3 demoyes0733Mar 27WAAM 361787711
For the Beauty of the Earthfor solo violinlisten/score-0734Mar 309/16/07 - WAAMWaterbury VT361787739
Three Songs for Manuelafor playbacklisten-0735Apr 1410/6/23Elizabethtown NY503992452
Pão: The Bread Songfor string quartetscore/mp3 demono0736Apr 19 462129875
Future Remembrancefor playbackYouTube/listen-0737aMay 126/15/07 - WAAMMunich361873896
Future Remembrance (Remix)for playbacklisten-0737bMay 12 361873896
A Village on the Windfor playbacklisten-0738May 145/15/07 - WAAMHanover NH520595831
Lunar Cascade in Serial Time: Aprilperformance piece for solo tenor guitarcover/April score/mp3 demono0739May 164/1/23 - WAAMonline422441834
Lunar Cascade in Serial Time: Mayperformance piece for solo tenor guitarcover/May score/mp3 demono0740May 165/5/23 - WAAMonline422441852
The Itch is Internalfor cello duoscore/mp3 demono0741May 18WAAM503992470
Détentefor organscore/mp3 demo-0742May 207/16/07 - WAAMOttawa342318736
We're Running Out of Timefor tenor pan and celloscore/mp3 demo-0743May 22WAAM532222916
An Fold-In Roundcrab round for 14 partsScore: Full Folds: 1 2 3 / Listen (Demos) All Voices In Folds: 1 2 3 Voices Come In & Leave (47 minutes)no0744May 25WAAM312517238
À Bout de Soufflefor oboe trioscore/mp3 demo-0745May 26WAAM312517256
Romance: Mondo-Mandofor mandocello and pianoscore/mp3 demo-0746May 30WAAM481592696
Vermont Chess Camp (text: DBK)round for 5 partsscore/mp3 demoyes0747Jun 1WAAM520603330
The Anvil of Clytemnestra (text: Aeschylus)for voice, anvil and pianoYouTube (2023 rev.2)/listen (2023 rev.2)/score-0748Jun 2WAAM503992498
Sequenza Novafor horn & piano overtonesscore/mp3 demo-0749Jun 5WAAM495295651
Nine Lessons from "Flatland" (text: Abbott)nine rounds for 3 & 4 voicesscore/small book/mp3 demo
melody score/melody mp3 demo
-0750Jun 7WAAM  
Six Senses of Twilightfor organ and electronics soundscore/mp3 demo-0751Jun 12WAAM 495295679
Lunar Cascade in Serial Time: Juneperformance piece for solo tenor guitarcover/June score/TIFF version/Source roseno0752Jun 156/6/23 - WAAMonline422781799
At the Edge of Forever (Under the Aurora 1)for clarinet and string quartetscore/mp3 demono0753Jun 24WAAM 312856854
Fanfare:Heatfor orchestralisten/scoreyes0754Jul 15/4/08 - WAAMBurlington VT362125755
Anticipation & Stormtidefor solo accordionscore/mp3 demo-0755Jul 6WAAM 312856872
The Nine Rabbits of Valladolidfor cello duo (teacher and student)listen/listen (cello/db version)/score/performers' video (YouTube)yes0756Aug 43/1/08 - WAAMProyecto Hombre441679838
Drumbingfor four percussionists' eight handsYouTube/listen/scoreyes0757Aug 68/12/07Montpelier VT342645794
A Partial Summerfor cello duoscore/mp3 demo-0758Aug 7WAAM 312856890
Meta-Dream Oncefor solo violinscore/mp3 demo-0759Aug 24WAAM 433046152
Meta-Dream Twicefor solo violinlisten/score-0760Aug 254/9/10 - WAAMMontpelier VT433046170
The Imagined Moons of Autumnfor flute and pianoscore/mp3 demoyes0761Aug 272/18/10 - WAAMValencia, Spain393057137
Morning in Nodarfor solo double basslisten/score-0762Sep 19/29/07 - WAAMPasadena433046198
Evidently Skittlesfor children's flute & pianoYouTube/listen/scoreyes0763Sep 26/?/20 - WAAMTustin CA351553232
Lunar Cascade in Serial Time: Julyperformance piece for solo tenor guitarcover/July score/mp3 demono0764Sep 3WAAM880188108
Low Clouds and Evening Windfor pianoscore/mp3 demo-0765Sep 8WAAM422781815
Lunar Cascade in Serial Time: Augustperformance piece for solo tenor guitarcover/August score/mp3 demono0766Sep 24WAAM880188107
From the Mountainsfor organscore/mp3 demo-0767Sep 25WAAM362125773
Candied Sweet Potatoesfor three voicesscore/mp3 demo-0768Sep 26WAAM 
Loss of Innocencefor organscore/mp3 demo-0769Oct 2WAAM422781833
Toccata: The Tides of Walesfor organscore/mp3 demo-0770Oct 4WAAM504554674
Tangentsfor two clavichordsscore/mp3 demono0771Oct 6WAAM504554692
Lowing in Coventryfor three low hornsscore/mp3 demono0772Oct 8WAAM422781851
Lunar Cascade in Serial Time: Septemberperformance piece for solo tenor guitarcover/September scoreno0773Oct 9WAAM880188106
In My Roomfor five guitars played by one personscore/mp3 demo-0774Oct 16WAAM393057155
Time's Arrowfor solo clarinetscore/mp3 demo-0775Oct 24WAAM504554718
In Search of the Seven Blue Stars (Deep Sky 1)for solo violaYouTube/listen/score-0776Oct 273/12/11 - WAAMBurlington VT393057173
Lunar Cascade in Serial Time: Octoberperformance piece for solo tenor guitarcover/October score/mp3 demono0777Oct 29WAAM880188105
In Search of an Exitfor pianoYouTube/listen/score-0778Oct 315/30/15 - WAAMMontpelier VT393057191
Scalar Rainbowsfor pianoYouTube/listen/score-0779Nov 144/26/14 (priv.) - WAAM
6/13/14 (public)
Portland ME
Richmond VT
Aisle Five (text: DBK)for percussion with rapscore/Performance soon0780Nov 1810/6/23 - WAAMElizabethtown NY312856916
She Who Savesfor two natural horns and soprano voicelisten/score (orig.) score (Dixon ed.)-0781Nov 195/17/08 - WAAMSydney495925292
Lunar Cascade in Serial Time: Novemberperformance piece for solo tenor guitarcover/November scoreno0782Nov 20WAAM880148450
Toccata & Tryptophanfor solo tenor panscore/mp3 demo-0783Nov 23WAAM504554736
Cithara-Cantus Cantorisfor solo jew's harpscore/mp3 demo-0784Nov 2412/16/07 - WAAMAmsterdam333212938
Events and Horizons (Under the Aurora 2)for clarinet and string quartetscore/mp3 demono0785Nov 28WAAM351553250
UpReach Over DownSlide (Under the Aurora 3)for clarinet and string quartetscore/mp3 demono0786Nov 30WAAM510603199
Walking the Flatfor solo alto saxscore/mp3 demo-0787Dec 1WAAM532502793
O Vox Popfor bass clarinet & bassoonYouTube/listen/score-0788Dec 410/18/08 - WAAMMontpelier VT451457013
Thirteen Triple Xfor pianoYouTube/listen/score-0789Dec 55/4/10 - WAAMSydney504554754
bangstudyfor playbacklisten-0790Dec 8 322854873
Morning Steps (to Parnassus)for playbacklisten-0791Dec 8WAAM433046214
Vexation Bluesfor pianoYouTube/listen/score-0792Dec 95/30/15 - WAAMMontpelier VT520667754
XLII: Adeste Hendecasyllabi (text: Catullus)for voice and pianolisten/score-0793Dec 1010/22/08 - WAAMDublin540130698
Lunar Cascade in Serial Time: Decemberperformance piece for solo tenor guitarcover/December score/mp3 demono0794Dec 11WAAM880148449
In Search of the Lightness of Horizon (Deep Sky 2)for solo violaYouTube/listen/score-0795Dec 133/12/11 - WAAMBurlington VT393057217
Counting Myselffor cello duoYouTube/listen/scoreyes0796Dec 162/5/11 - WAAMMontpelier VT333212956
It's Mine, I Tell You!for piano four handsscore/mp3 demo-0797Dec 17WAAM393057235
Glistening Furyfor piano and jingle bellsscore/mp3 demo-0798Dec 18 371741554
Framing the Sum of Threefor pianoYouTube/listen/score-0799Dec 202/20/08 - WAAMGhent362125791
Curious Crimson Glowfor solo bass trombonescore-07100Dec 25WAAM333212974
Strong to Savefor pianoavailable on 264/25/14 - WAAMPortland ME495295713
Incantafor solo bass clarinetYouTube/listen/score/transposed score-07102Dec 2710/5/23 - WAAMPlattsburgh NY393057253
99 Events for the Found, the Made, and the Naturalperformance eventsscore-07103Dec 29WAAM441679856
To the Secretary of Good Fortunefor cello and guitarscore/mp3 demo-07104Dec 30WAAM504554772
Voices in My Nightfor playbacklisten-07105Dec 31WAAM520667772
Horizon (Ocean)for wind quartet, string quartet, and pianoscore/mp3 demono07106Dec 31WAAM382176716
Under the Aurora (complete)for clarinet and string quartetscore/mp3 demono07107Nov 30WAAM000000000
Unfinished Granitefor fl.,, vn., vlc., pianoscore/mp3 demo-07AMar 11WAAM
Chorale Meta-Dreamfor pianoscore/mp3 demo-07BAug 24WAAM
You're First, You're Family (arr.)for brass, strings, and timpaniscore/mp3 demono07CSep 12 XXXXXXXXX
Morning Steps Remixfor playbacklisten-07DDec 8433046232

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
To the Secretary of Good Fortune (rev.)for bassoonscore/mp3 demo-081Jan 6e504554772
Fanfare:Heat (rev.)revised for smaller orchestra (#1)score/mp3 demoyes082Feb 7e362125755
Clouds of Endless Summer (rev.)for violin, tenor sax and pianoscoreyes083Mar 9e 332350433
smuttlefor playbacklisten-084Apr 289/6/08New York496490938
A Spiral Lullabyfor vocalise, flute, cello and pianoscore/both/mp3 demono085Jul 14e 496490956
A Spiky Lullabyfor vocalise, flute, cello and pianoscore/both/mp3 demono086Jul 15e 496490974
Autumn Digfor intermediate orchestraYouTube/listen/scoreyes087Aug 2012/14/08Barre VT313550931
Conjim for Edfor music boxYouTube (2023)/YouTube (studio)/listen/score-088Aug 2610/14/09Limerick333974679
Lunar Cascade in Serial Time: New Moonperformance piece for solo tenor guitarcover/New Moon scoreno089Oct 27WAAM423431414
Evasively Transcendental (Deep Sky 3)for solo violaYouTube/listen/score-0810Oct 293/12/11 - WAAMBurlington VT352011913
White Landscape with Moon and Waterfor orchestrascore/mp3 demono0811Nov 2e 532994575
Office Equipment Symphonyfor playbacklisten-08AAug 26eonline880636592
Capn Hookpikfor playbacklisten-08BSep 6eonline880636630
Full Whistlestopfor playback-08CSep 20eonline880636631

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
For Fog is the Promise of Cloudfor fl., cl.,,, hn., tba., pno., vib., glck., perc.score/mp3 demoyes091Jun 25e880636467
Contraflow Symphonyfor 2 to 16 large and 2 to 16 small vehiclesscore-092Jul 19e880636506
I lift my heavy heart (text: Barrett Browning)revised for voice alonescore-093Aug 10880636507
imanuevillafor playbacklisten-094Sep 22880636465
Fanfare:Heat (rev.)revised for smaller orchestra (#2)listen/scoreyes095Oct 121/24/10Brattleboro VT880636508
Dualis Extensualisfor orchestrascore/mp3 demono096Nov 4e882826316
Alien Angelsfor playback or live performance with voices and thereminslisten-097Nov 1510/30/10Boston880636466
Crosscutfor piano and wind ensembleYouTube Logos/score/mp3 demo/Logos robots perf.yes098Nov 303/15/18Ghent880636548
inVoicefor playbacklisten-09AJun 276/28/09online880636674
agRoinfor playbacklisten-09BJun 276/30/09online880636142
ilianaSoorfor playbacklisten-09CJul 117/12/09online880636424
cryingHardfor playbacklisten-09DJul 187/19/09online880636425
Outside at the Ruined Pianofor playbacklisten-09ESep 199/20/09online880636426

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
blindedfor playbacklisten-101Jan 710/7/23Elizabethtown NY882826431
Driving My 1948 Limbofor playbacklisten-102Jan 124/14/10Istanbul882826432
Wedding Changes (50th anniversary edition)for 3 flutesscore (2013 ed.)/mp3 demo no103May 20e530627313
Erzsébetmonodrama for singer and 8 instrumentalists
in 3 acts with Prologue and Epilogue (text: DBK)
YouTube: Overture+Prolog Act 1 Act 2 Act 3a Act 3b Epilog / scoreyes104Aug 310/28/11
Hyde Park VT
Plainfield VT
Burlington VT
Csárdásfor 8 stringsscore/mp3 demoyes105Nov 10e882826354
Autumn Dig (rev.)for large orchestraYouTube/score/mp3 demoyes106Nov 273/27/11Montpelier VT313550931
Binnenfor ob, cl, sop sax, b cl, bsnscore/mp3 demoyes107Dec 5e882826355
sárabándólfor playback listen-108Dec 315/21/11New York882826433

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Gièfor a.fl.,, bsn., guitar, djembeYouTube/listen/scoreyes111Jan 42/19/11Burlington VT882826394
iotafor solo violinYouTube/listen 2012 2023/score-112Jan 511/22/12Bucharest882826356
Parched Fieldsfor violin and cello score/mp3 demo-113Jan 6e882826392
A Breath on the Kitchen Windowfor two violins score/mp3 demo-114Jan 8e882826393
The Four Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Sleep)for 4 celli listen/score-115Apr 96/18/11Montpelier VT884000423
...daar zaten wij...for extended soprano voiceYouTube/listen/score-116Jun 269/25/11New York884000525
O (text: Barwin)eleven songs for chorus SATB score/mp3 demo
YouTube of II, III, IV and VII
listen to II, III, IV and VII
listen to VI
-117Jul 17/14/12
Newport VT (part)
Colchester VT (part)
Art & Weapons v 1.0for playback -118Jul 21  884000619
You Spotted Snakesfor three voices & strings score/listenno11AJan 302/10/11Johnson VT882826468
Mad World (arr.)for five voices, piano & stringsavailable on demoyes11BFeb 95/1/11Johnson VTXXXXXXXXX
ABC (arr.)for 12 brass, timp and percussion -11CApr 9XXXXXXXXX
Chopin Prelude Op 28 No 2 (arr.)for picc, fl, ob, cl, bsn, hn, vlc, cb score/mp3 demono11DApr 9eXXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Peter's Burrowfor organ score/mp3 demo-121Mar 7e884000617
King's Highwayfor organ score/mp3 demo-122Mar 9e884000328
indigretion (cornubracchia 1)for trumpet & organ score/mp3 demo-123Mar 11WAAM884000329
eliasion (cornubracchia 3)for trumpet & organ score/mp3 demo-124Mar 12WAAM884000330
Inclined To...for violin & pianolisten/score-125Mar 1510/7/23Elizabethtown NY884000421
Fields of Visionfor found percussion score-126Mar 16WAAM884000422
Parheliotrope Blocquéfor flute, clarinet & PianoYouTube/listen/scoreyes127Apr 510/8/23Elizabethtown NY884000159
Hjornfor solo horn in Fscore/mp3 demoyes128Apr 7e884000160
Souvenir de Givernyfor clarinet & celloYouTube/listen/scoreyes129Apr 710/7/23Elizabethtown NY884000161
Mar del Platangofor pianoYouTube/listen/score-1210Apr 84/25/14Portland ME884000245
Training Fuguefor string quartetscore/mp3 demoyes1211DApr 27e884000246
ScRolls (Scrambling Renga Rolls)for four percussionistsYouTube/instructions p1 p2 p3 p4 -1212May 198/9/12New York884104879
En Treinfor playback (optional strinq quartet & playback)listenno1213May 319/18/12Raleigh NC884104880
Unhigh Fivesfor pianoYouTube/listen/score/legible score-1214Jun 65/30/15Montpelier VT884606826
Water No Firefor flute and soprano saxophoneYouTube/listen/scoreno1215Jun 251/15/22New York884606883
Chelsea Moodsfor bass clarinet and bandscore/mp3 demoyes1216Jul 21e884606884
Near Greensboro Bendfor brass quintetavailable on 412/4/12Northfield VT884606885
Airfor harp & percussionYouTube/listen/scoreyes1218Oct 811/25/12Reykjavík884606941
Evil Ponyfor sax quartetYouTube/listen/scoreyes1219Oct 1210/27/13Plattsburgh NY884606942
Chelsea Moods (rev.1 +4 horns)for bass clarinet and bandscore/mp3 demoyes1220Nov 2e884606884
Cat Down! (text: DBK)round for four voicesscore/mp3 demo-1221Nov 6e885479495
at 100for playbacklisten-1222Nov 1312/14/12Chicago885479496
A Second Searchfor pianoYouTube/listen/score-12AJan 15/30/15Montpelier VT884000247
Golijov Bailout Projectfor orchestra score/mp3 demono12BMar 24e884000618

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Five Hungarian Folk Songsfor brass quintet score/mp3 demoyes131Jan 12e885479521
Five Hungarian Folk Songs (rev.)for string orchestraYouTube (2023, Debr. Cs. only)/YouTube/score/listenyes131SJan 183/22/14 (1-4-5)
11/8/14 (all)
Wauwatosa WI
Waterbury VT
Dance of the Fénixfor electric violin & chamber orchestra score/mp3 demoyes132Mar 27e885479523
Willey Hey Toccata & Fuguefor Midi-controlled 4-manual organ YouTube/listen/score-133Jul 88/3/13Los Angeles886402724
The Isle of the Deadfor orchestra score/mp3 demo-134Jul 26e886402725
The Forest at the South Fieldfor percussionistYouTube/listen/score-135Aug 89/10/13Johnson VT886402760
Undersidefor indeterminate ensemble YouTube/score-136Aug 1512/8/13New York886402761
I think of thee! (text: Barrett Browning)for soprano voice, guitar, bass fluteYouTube/listen/scoreyes137Aug 1711/15/13Montpelier VT886402804
Wedding Changes (53rd anniversary edition)for 3 flutes score/mp3 demono138Nov 6e530627313
Ave Verum Corpusfor chorus SATB (optional string quartet) YouTube/listen/scoreyes139Nov 145/3/14Colchester VT886402805
Winter Rain, A Solstice Carol (text: Rossetti)for chorus SATBscore/mp3 demo-1310Dec 21e886402677
Thing in White Bells (text: DBK)for voicesscore-13AJan 11eXXXXXXXXX
ScEx (series) for students -13BFeb 19eXXXXXXXXX
hanglefor playbacklisten-13CFeb 243/4/12Plainfield VT885479550
Parheliotrope Blocqué (rev.)for violin, clarinet & pianolisten/scoreyes13D/127BMar 15e884000159
Full House Reset (rev.)for violin, clarinet & pianoscore/mp3 demoyes13E/0731BMar 15e361878131
Clouds of Endless Summer (rev.)for violin, clarinet & pianoYouTube/listen/scoreyes13F/063BMar 154/3/16New Paltz NY332350433
Marche Triomphale from Lully's Thésée (arr.)for 4 trombonesscoreyes13GJun 77/20/13Colchester VTXXXXXXXXX
Marche Triomphale from Lully's Thésée (arr.)for 4 hornsavailable on demoyes13HJun 7e XXXXXXXXX
Tiny Doubledouble canon for brassyes13IDec 21eXXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Aveaux Gadreauxfor cello and bass clarinetYouTube/listen/cover reverse movt1 movt2-141Feb 74/4/14Montpelier VT886402762
Chelsea Moods (rev.2, enhanced)for bass clarinet and bandscore/mp3 demoyes142a/1220bJan 19e884606884
Chelsea Moods (rev.3, +3 saxes)for bass clarinet and bandYouTube/listen/scoreyes142b/1220cJan 193/30/14Hyde Park VT884606884
Thread Countfor nine stringsscoreyes143Mar 227/7/14Chicago887078298
The Lake Isle of Innisfree (text: Yeats)for soprano voice, flute and pianoYouTube 2023/listen 2014 2023/scoreyes144Apr 1012/7/14Johnson VT887078428
Noitça (Byrd's Ghost)for alto recorder & chamber ensemblescore/mp3 demoyes145Jun 2e 887078427
Shadows of Playfor English horn, clarinet & stringsscore/mp3 demoyes146Jul 3e 888926701
Winter Rain, A Solstice Carol (text: Rossetti)for chorus SATB plus nordic violinscore/mp3 demo-147/1310bJul 16e886402677
Samech-Yud-Tetfor chorus SSAATTBBscore/mp3 demo-148aOct 39/24/18Wayne NJ890083099
Mem-Lamed-Heyfor chorus SSAATTBBlisten/score-148bOct 610/15/15New York City890083098
Four on the Floorfor 8-part indeterminate ensemblescore/mp3 demoyes149Oct 24e888926702
Don't Shootfor brass, strings and percussionscore/mp3 demono1410Nov 25e888926768
I Can't Breathefor strings, horns and percussionscore/mp3 demono1411Dec 4e888926767
The Hundreds, The Thousandsfor 48 children's voicesscore/mp3 demo-1412Dec 18e888926769
Do Like...four random harmonizationsno14AMar 25eXXXXXXXXX
My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice (arr.)for alto & tenor sax or clarinet & alto saxavailable on 2810/7/23Elizabethtown NYXXXXXXXXX
Walls of Walpurgfor 4 horns, 4 trombones, 3 tubasscore/mp3 demoyes14CApr 30eXXXXXXXXX
War Ain't No Picnicfor tenor voicescore-14DOct 23eXXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Wonder and Astonishmentfor 2 Midi-controlled pipe organsYouTube/listen/score-151Jan 3012/1/15CD Released888926827
Absynthefor string quartetYouTube/score/mp3 demono152Feb 63/17/15Johnson VT888926828
Get Me Out of Herechorus and stringsscore/mp3 demono153Feb 10e890082635
Five Random Birdsfor pianoscore/mp3 demo-154Jun 186/27/15 (2 & 4)Lima888926829
In the Bleak Midwinter (text: Rossetti)for chorus SATB plus trumpetscore/mp3 demoyes155Jul 8e890082788
Importraite Ifor flute, viola, piano and extended voiceYouTube/YouTube/listen/scoreyes156Sep 1111/29/15New York City890082789
Closing and Openingfor string quartetscore/mp3 demoyes157Dec 31e 890082944
Over the Rainbow (arr.)flute, alto sax, bass clarinet, mandolin, guitar, percavailable on demoyes15AFeb 13eXXXXXXXXX
Song and March of the Sea Crittersfor sea critter samplesscore/mp3 demo-15BMar 103/3/17AmherstXXXXXXXXX
Lonely Woman (arr.)string quartetavailable on demoyes15CMar 20eXXXXXXXXX
These Green Mountains (arr.)bandscore/mp3 demoyes15DJul 116/15/16Montpelier VTXXXXXXXXX
Tiny Waltz in Fourpianolisten/score-15EJul 2710/28/22Northfield VT890082945

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Encircled by Youfor flute, clarinet, bassoon, pianoYouTube/listen/scoreyes161Jan 313/11/16Colchester VT890082946
Three Elastic Experiencesfor 2 soprano voices, alto voice, bass clarinet, cello and harpYouTube/listen/scoreyes162Feb 114/15/16Montpelier VT890082947
Centered Againfor flute, viola and pianoYouTube/listen/scoreyes163Feb 193/20/16Montpelier VT890083097
Night Thoughts of Lightfor ob., e.h., 2 hns, vn, vlc, timpscore/mp3 demoyes164Apr 45/20/16Randolph VT891130031
I Come With My Face Burntfor flute septetYouTube/listen/scoreyes165Sep 79/30/16Burlington VT891174417
O Magnum Mysteriumfor chorus SATBYouTube/listen/score-166Dec 2712/5/21
Mt. Airy NC (brass/organ version)
Boston (vocal version)
Lush Life (arr.)voice & piano-16AApr 1eXXXXXXXXX
Hallelujah (arr.)fl, cl, 2 trp, hn, trb, el bs, gtr, pnoavailable on demoyes16BDec 1eXXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
O Absalomfor chorus SATBscore/mp3 demo-171Jan 11e 891975229
Requiemfor chorus SdivAdivTB, string orchestra & timpaniavailable on score/piano-vocal score/mp3 demoyes172Jan 26e 891975230
Rose Windows in Sunlightfor organ (graphical score)score-173Apr 6 892803495
Bring Me a Dreamballet for large orchestraYouTube/score/mp3 demono174Jun 3011/17/18Burlington VT892803554
Clavitasfor clavichordYouTube/listen/score-175Sep 306/4/18YouTube893800060
O! Summerfield!for pianoYouTube/listen/score-176Oct 74/21/18Colchester VT893800061
Shrutverkfor harp, percussion & shruti boxYouTube/listen/scoreyes177Oct 154/12/18Reykjavík893800063
Erzsébet Suitefor flute & pianolisten movt 4/score/mp3 demoyes178Oct 261/12/18 (mvt 4)Williston VT893800065
Dexfor piano or open orchestrationYouTube/score (63 cards ready to print) / instructions-179Dec 1112/11/18Johnson VT893800069

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Dex II 3dfor harp & percussion or open orchestrationYouTube (2023)/YouTube (2018)/listen/score (63 cards ready to print) / instructions -181Jan 204/12/18Reykjavík894936007
Dreamlessfor harpYouTube(mvt I/II)/listen(mvt I/II)/score-182Mar 18/7/22Aalborg DK894936013
The Ice Windsfor marimba, cimbalom, harpYouTube/listen/score/score components (zip)yes183Mar 14/12/18Reykjavík894936015
After Deathfor bass voice and string dronescore (a minor)/score (b minor)/mp3 demo-184Jun 3e 897604712
Winter's Dayfor solo French hornscore (low)/score (high)/mp3 demo (low)/mp3 demo (high)-185Dec 21e 897604673
Erzsébet Suite (simplified)for flute & pianoyes18AJan 2e 893800065
Silent Night (arr.)for horn and string quintetscore/mp3 demoyes18BDec 24e XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
InSpillfor toy pianoYouTube/listen/score-191Apr 2412/3/19online897604678
Hoots & Honks(No. 2) for string quartet (rev.)score/mp3 demono192Apr 28e 380857994
Six New Musicky Bonbonsfor picc.,b.fl.,chalumeau,,b.trb.,vn,vla,vlc,cbYouTube/score/mp3 demono193May 15e 897604691
Molecules of Freedomfor bandscore/mp3 demoyes194May 31e 897604697
Fugue States (text: Jane Boxall)for voice, flute, percussionYouTube/listen/score yes195Jul 1210/5/19Beverly MA908287202
Goat Songs of the Regime of Monsters (text: public figures)for 12-part chorus, piano 4 hands, percussionYouTube/listen/scoreyes196Aug 1211/2/19Sharon VT908378918
i thank You God (text: Cummings)for voice and pianoYouTube/listen/score-197Aug 1910/6/23Elizabethtown NY922038784
i thank You Godfor cello and harpsichordscore/mp3 demo-197BAug 20e 908287804
Upon Further Reflectionfor violin, alto sax, harpsichordYouTube/listen/scoreyes198Sep 210/26/19Plattsburgh NY908287715

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
The Pondfor solo marimbaYouTube (2023 perf.)/listen/score-201Feb 126/9/20online908287775
Prairie Springround for five voices plus two-voice pes (text: Willa Cather)score/mp3 demo-202Apr 9e 908287933
Alternative Ru(i)nfor strings, 4 horns, timpaniYouTube/score/mp3 demono203May 12e 908287965
What the Thunder Saidfor playbacklisten-204Sep 510/3/20New York910033788
Mating Numbersfor playbacklisten-205Sep 3010/2/20Moscow910033915
Nocturne for Bethfor pianoscore/mp3 demo-206Dec 18e 910555927
Ring of Fire (arr.)for 2 voices, strings, harpsichordavailable on demoyes20ASep 28e XXXXXXXXX
Barcarolle and Mainacht (arr. of Chaminade and Hensel)for orchestraavailable on demoyes20BOct 27e XXXXXXXXX
St. Bernard's School Alma Mater (arr.)for 2 voices, strings, pianomp3 demo-20CDec 17e XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Uommibattochorus SSAA (text: Christina Rossetti)score/mp3 demo-211Feb 28e 916553149
Song of the Pãostring ensemblescore/mp3 demo-212Jul 28e 916553151
Song of the Pãopianomp3 demo-213Jul 27e 000000000
Three Interludes for BethpianoYouTube/listen/score-214Dec 110/6/23Elizabethtown NY916553155
A Short MeditationorganYouTube/score-215Dec 64/4/22Montréal916553159
Five Transcriptions (arr.)for cello-21AJun 5  XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Lullaby for Justin at 21guitarlisten-221Mar 1210/13/22Boston916553166
Tyranny and the TreepianoYouTube/score-222Aug 2510/8/22New York920706905
Hymn to Saint Ceciliachorus SAAA (text: Nicholas Brady)score/mp3 demo/K Wolfe demo-223Nov 22e  920707523
Rock of Ages (arr.)for barbershop quartetavailable on (women)/listen/score (C)/score (Bb)-22AApr 1610/8/23Elizabethtown NYXXXXXXXXX
Seitz Transcription (arr.)for cello-22BJun 2  XXXXXXXXX

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Suite #1 from Bring Me a Dreamorchestrascore/mp3 demo-231Apr 3e 920707598
Suite #2 from Bring Me a DreamorchestraYouTube/listen/scoreyes232Apr 46/4/23Montpelier VT920707617
Autumn Dig - Sierra Versionorchestrascore/mp3 demoyes233Apr 9e 920707660
Color VDT Blues from BeepersSAB, piano, bassscore Dm Fm Gm/mp3 demo Dm Fm Gm-234May 30e 920707684
BrickWalkguitarscore/signals/instructions-235Jun 17 922016575
Binsey Poplars (text: Gerard Manley Hopkins)sop, trp, tsx, bass, pno, percscore/mp3 demoyes236Jul 2611/28/23New York922016701
To the Secretary of Good Fortune (rev.)viola & celloYouTube/listen/scoreno237Aug 1010/8/23Elizabethtown NY504554772
In het Donkere Bos (rev.)viola & celloscoreno238Aug 13 392712493
The Anvil of Clytemnestra (rev.)voice, anvil in B, pianoYouTube (2023 rev.2)listen (2023 rev.2)/scoreno238Aug 13 503992498
The Anvil of Clytemnestra (rev.2)voice, anvil in A, violin, pianoYouTube/listen/scoreno239Aug 3010/6/23Elizabethtown NY503992498
Colors Aboundvoice & pianoYouTube/listen/scoreno2310Oct 510/5/23Plattsburgh NY922038709
Crispvoice & pianoYouTube/listen/scoreno2311Oct 510/5/23Plattsburgh NY922038715
Upon Meeting a Strangervoice & pianoYouTube/listen/scoreno2312Oct 510/5/23Plattsburgh NY922038719
Olentzero!brass 4331 & percussionYouTube/score & partsyes2313Nov 1612/12/23Reno923270246
Binsey Poplars (text: Gerard Manley Hopkins)(metric rev.)sop, trp, tsx, bass, pno, percYouTube/listen/scoreyes236ANov 2011/28/23New York922016701
A Tiny Giftflute & violascore/mp3 demoyes2314Dec 4 923270248
A Sloth-Toed Waltzflute, viola, celloYouTube/listen/scoreyes2315Dec 101/14/24New York923270250

CompositionForm/InstrumentationConditionPartsNo.WrittenPremieredPremiereASCAP Code
Uommibatto (The Wombat)for barbershop quartetmp3 demo/scoreno241Feb 8 925358368
Wonder, Meditation, and Astonishmentfor 26 clarinetsmp3 demo/scoreno242Feb 19 925358374
Scintillational Ethicsfor 6 flutesmp3 demo/scoreno243Mar 14 925358377
Celsius: On Nature, Civilization, Agriculture, Industry, Conflict, and Decayfor 8 clarinets divisimp3 demo/scoreno244Mar 28 925358379
Remember Me: Last Round for Larry (text: Christina Rossetti)round in 3 partsmp3 demo/scoreno245May 10 925358380

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Summary: 768 named compositions (in 1227 distinct movements).
402 of the named compositions (656 movements) have been performed (including broadcasts of playback works and electronic realizations used for dance/stage).