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mp3 demo cd

b a t h o r y . m p 3

75 performances & realizations, 1969-1999

11 hours of music on one MP3 CD

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US$21 postpaid in USA (Note: CD is in PC format.)

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b a t h o r y . m p 3
Here's what you get:
live performances
tape pieces from original masters
Autonica Concretia CD Autonica Concretia: Music for Playback
Chamber Bowling CD Chamber Bowling: Chamber Music Varietals (Live performances except as marked)
Cold Stones CD Cold Stones: Songs without Words (Midi ensembles except as marked)
Detritus of Mating CD Detritus of Mating 1997: Complete hour-long soundscape

The Development of the Consciousness of Space in a Child CD The Development of the Consciousness of Space in a Child 1974: Complete four-movement electronic suite

Five Daydreams CD Five Daydreams 1974: Complete five-movement electronic suite

Inline Llamas CD Inline Llamas: Music for Llamas and Electronics
Pianostrils CD Pianostrils: Music for Piano (Midi piano except as marked)
Symphonic Wrenches CD Symphonic Wrenches: Music for Large Ensemble
Voices Past CD Voices Past: Music for Voices
Zonule Glaes II CD
  • Zonule Glaes II 1999: Music for String Quartet and Electronics (64 minutes)


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