The Transitive Empire

Academic Papers and Research

The Transitive Empire gives special attention to academic authors.

     We will prepare your notes, research, papers, and articles
     and develop an organized website from them.

     We will convert your electronic document formats,
     scan text and carefully proofread it,
     type and prepare text from written originals,
     and convert illustrations and other media.

     We can also work accurately
     with research in many technical areas,
     as well as prepare work in several languages.

The Transitive Empire will also develop
     a coherent structure for your site that illuminates your work,
     including illustrations and other media as required.

     We will develop indexing and hyperlinks within your site,
     establish links to related research and information sites,
     and assure your site's submission to worldwide search engines.

The Transitive Empire offers special pricing for academic work
     on a reasonable, per-site basis.

     We can also guide you in building the site yourself,
     and correct and validate the results
     before you publish on the web.

     Contact us to describe your needs.

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