The Transitive Empire

The Transitive Empire

The Transitive Empire is a partnership
     of writers, editors, composers,
     producers, and technology experts.

The Transitive Empire helps you
     bring your ideas to life,
     through well-written and carefully crafted
     articles, publications, papers,
     books, manuals, presentations,
     and websites.

The Transitive Empire integrates information and concepts,
     using a variety of media.
     We bring your ideas to a wider public,
     helping you choose suitable words,
     images, sound, and technology.

The Transitive Empire uses unique methods
     of inquiry and exploration that reveal
     the best means of communication
     to achieve your goal.
     It may be wide-ranging or narrowly focused;
     introductory, in-depth, or overview;
     spare or colorful.
     We help you find it.

The Transitive Empire's partners
     have many years of hands-on experience
     in writing and editing,
     book and magazine production,
     multimedia and intermedia,
     radio broadcasting, Internet and Web technology,
     film and photography, audio recording and production,
     computer programming and hardware,
     institutional and home health care and policy,
     equestrian sports, outdoors, and travel.

The Transitive Empire works in partnership with
     Ellsworth-Kaye Marketing Communications
     to bring professional marketing knowledge
     to your publication needs.

Our compass points in many directions,
     but all directions begin from one point:
     your message.

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