The Transitive Empire


The principal associates of The Transitive Empire share writing and editing experience in all areas, and work in consultation with each other to prepare your materials. They have collectively written eight books as well as four hundred articles for twenty national publications, and have acted as editors and editorial advisors for fifteen years.

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz Dennis Báthory-Kitsz
specializes in
retail and manufacturing technology,
computers and networks,
multimedia, and the arts,
and is our web designer.
He recently edited
Category Management Systems and
My Little Life: A Girl Growing Up in the Forties.
Dennis is a contributing editor for RIS News
and Consumer Goods Manufacturer.
Barbara S. J. ("Stevie") Balch
concentrates on
medicine and nursing, equestrian
sports, travel, and the outdoors.
Stevie does our on-line research.
She prepared the Green Mountain Club
End-to-Enderís Guide, and is a
Contributing Editor for Retail InfoSystems News.
Barbara S. J. Balch
David Gunn David Gunn
focuses on hospitality technology,
pollution issues,
the outdoors,
the arts, and humor,
and is our composer of music for presentations.
His latest articles have appeared in
Retail InfoSystems News and Stores.
He is contributing editor for
Hospitality Technology.
D'Anne Hotchkiss
provides The Transitive Empire's,
savvy in marketing and publicity via
Ellsworth Kaye Marketing Communications.
D'Anne represents diverse clients
in the retail technology industry,
and is contributing editor for
numerous professional publications.
D'Anne Hotchkiss

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