The Middle-Aged Hiker


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Part One
Why Bother With Rocks?
        humility, beauty, and silence                D.K.
How to Break In an Automobile                        D.G. (1983)
At the Border of Your Skin
        mindset, permits, maps and, observation      D.K.
First Extended Grand Canyon Jaunt
        and California Election Fiasco               D.G. (1984)
Where to Take a Hike
        treading lightly, cryptogamic soil, the
        Dam, and caretakers                          D.K.
Voyage du Cañons ... via Mexico!                     D.G. (1985)
The Long Sigh
        boots, knees, legs, toes, and water          D.K.
Halloween in the Canyon                              D.G. (1986)
Hidden Pleasures                                     D.K.
Mad, but Alive                                       D.G. (1986)
Geology & Why the Hell Name Things
        colors, rocks, animals, and foliage          D.K.
A Hermit on the Hermit Trail                         D.G. (1987)
Me Eat That?  Diet, So To Speak
        breakfast, lunch, and dinner                 D.K.
Canyon Dreamsicles, fiction                          D.G.
The Bakery, a radio play                             D.G.
Part Two
How Much Stuff Should a Stuffsack Stuff?
        water, shelter, safety, emergencies,
        hygiene, food, and costs                     D.K.
Cheat Thrills                                        D.G. (1987)
The Good News
        canyon can-do and a trip through             D.K.
Out of Bounds                                        D.G. (1987)
The Bad News
        maps, descriptions, getting lost, compass,
        more getting lost, and water                 D.K.
The Canyon Guide Imposter Trek                       D.G. (1988)
Hello North Rim                                      D.G. (1989)
Coming Into the AzRap                                D.G. (1989)
The Illustrated Crampon                              D.G. (1990)
Snow on the Trail                                    D.K. (1991)
On Your Back
        choosing, fitting, and filling
        packs & backs                                D.K.
Down the River in Four Boats                         D.G. (1991)
On Sale
        the only way to hike                         D.G.
I'm Not Entirely Sure It's That Nice                 D.K. (1992)
Dangers & Rangers
        minerals, vegetables, animals, humans,
        and rangers                                  D.K.
OK, Next Time for Sure We'll Go
        to the Bahamas                               D.G. (1992)
"There's Scum on My Coffee...
        ...And Crusts Up My Nose"                    D.K. (1994)
Gratifications                                       D.K.
List-O-Stuff #1                                      D.K. (1992)
List-O-Stuff #2                                      D.G. (1992)
Our Grand Canyon Hiking History


The Middle-Aged Hiker is Copyright ©1993-97,2002 by Dennis Báthory-Kitsz and David Gunn. All rights reserved.

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