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CD compilations on are now gone, but the nice covers remain, and anyone wishing to buy a collection can get them from me.

Chamber Bowling

Chamber Bowling cover Chamber Bowling inside
  • The Two-Minute Sneeze
  • Seven Chocolate Eclems
  • Thièle
  • Brand 9 from Outer Space
  • Car Horn Symphonies No. 1 and 2
  • The Moon
  • Teething Rings

Chamber Bowling II

Chamber Bowling II cover Chamber Bowling II inside
  • For the Invisible
  • s'londro
  • Honey & Hops
  • exirxion
  • Emerald Canticles, Below
  • LowBirds

Cold Stones

Cold Stones cover Cold Stones inside
  • Descent of the Particles
  • Architects
  • Gardens: A Love Song
  • Into the Morning Rain
  • Jetlude
  • Melisma
  • zéyu, quânh and sweeh
  • Dancing Despite Despair
  • Csárdás


Etronalia cover Etronalia inside
  • For the Invisible
  • Jetlude
  • zéyu, quânh and sweeh
  • Car Horn Symphonies No. 1 and 2
  • The Moon
  • Teething Rings
  • LowBirds
  • exirxion
  • bellyloops


Symphons cover Symphons inside
  • Exequy on the Death of Igor Stravinsky
  • Csárdás
  • Brand 9 from Outer Space
  • Emerald Canticles, Below
  • Hang Time
  • Into the Morning Rain
  • The Lithuanian Liniment March

Voices Past

Voices Past cover Voices Past inside
  • Missa da Camera, four of five movements
  • Plasm over ocean, complete.


Overstuffed cover Overstuffed inside
  • Mountain Dawn Fanfare.
  • Exequy on the Death of Igor Stravinsky.
  • Hang Time.
  • Softening Cries.
  • Sourian Slide.
  • The Lithuanian Liniment March.
  • A Fanfare for Peace.

The Original Limited Edition CDs. Sample the composer's music with these collections of performances, electronic pieces, and Midi renditions. Midi and RealAudio versions can be found on the music pages, but these samplers contain premiere recordings, electronic music right from the master tapes, and pretty darn good quality Midi realizations. They are available as "one-off", signed CD-Rs. Please contact the composer for information on obtaining one of these collections. All of these compositions are also available on the single MP3 demo CD. and most can be downloaded via the big list.

*=electronic, **=Midi, ***=premiere performance

First Burn Voices Past Cold Stones
For the Invisible (1994)*
Praeludium (All White) (1972)*
Hyptertunes, Baby (1994)***
zéyu, quânh & sweeh (1996)*
exirxion (1996)*
Meditations on the Llama Sutra (1993)*
s'londro (1996)**
Missa da Camera (1978)***:
  Sanctus & Benedictus
  Agnus Dei
Plasm over ocean (1977)***
Almost Not in Progress (1991)**
Melisma (1994)**
Architects (1994)**
The Particles (1994)**
Graag (1995)**
Murkee's Lament (1995)**
Kibble & Timbrals (1995)**
Gardens (1996)**
Jetlude (1997)**
Adouane (1994)**
The Big Drag (1998)**
Into the Morning Rain (1999)**
Autonica Concretia The Development of the Consciousness of Space in a Child Inline Llamas
Electronic Construction No. 1 (1970)*
Electronic Construction No. 2 (1970)*
Electronic Construction in Glass (1970)*
Construction in Sliding Tones (1970)*
Construction in Chorus & Sounds (1970)*
Three Concrete Constructions (1973)*
D'a'lpp (1972)*
Stomach Music (1972)*
Telephone Trip (1972)*
Autoharp (1972)
Four Movements (1974)* Meditations on the Llama Sutra (1993)*
Llama Butter (1993)***
Pianostrils Stringth Symphony No. 4
Chorale Amerkuh (1967)**
Étude (1967)**
Fugue (1969)**
Invention (1969)**
Two Pieces After Stravinsky (1969)**
Numa (1989)**
The Herd (1991)**
The Blowout March (1987)**
Variations (1972)**
Csárdás (1989)***
Rough Edges (1987)***
Emerald Canticles, Below (1993)***
Thièle (1991)***
Windows on the Moon (1993)**
Seven Chocolate Eclems (1992)***
Cat Dances (1992)***
Hoots & Honks (1996)**
Yçuré (1990)***
Softening Cries (1991)***
The Lily and the Thorn (1990)***

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