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Why are my scores free?

They're not entirely free. You do have to download and print them, which are paper and ink expenses for you. I ask you to write me a note, too. And royalties are due as with any licensed music (even if you bought a score). But it's a good deal for you because the music is diverse and wonderful. You can choose from hundreds of pieces and audition them at no risk without having to deal with rental agencies or publishers (because Westleaf Edition is my own publishing company and I made this business decision).

Of course if you do want printed copies of the music, Frog Peak Music will take care of that for you. Libraries, colleges, orchestras and other institutions may want the freedom of just placing an order and having bound music arrive ready for the shelf. So contact Frog Peak. They are very nice folks who will get music to you promptly.

You're probably thinking there's more to this, and you are right. The "more" is that I believe in my music, and it's been my life for more than 50 years. I want to make it easy for you to find it and to play it. (No, it's not necessarily easy to play ... but that part is up to you!) It's difficult for any living composer to compete with the vast public domain legacy of Mozart and Haydn and Beethoven and Brahms that cycles through every conservatory, concert program and radio show. There are so many of us, and how can you figure out what music is worth the investment? So I decided to make access to my compositions as easy as possible so you can discover the delights (and challenge!) of performing something new for your audiences, or just for practice.

So please download, print, rehearse, perform and enjoy my music!


Here it is:
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Dennis Bathory-Kitsz

The Four Rules of Use

    1. Download, print, study, rehearse, perform, enjoy! If you download, please tell me. Don't want to do it youself? Purchase printed scores & parts from Frog Peak Music.
    2. Report the performance to me & ASCAP (One Lincoln Plaza, New York, NY 10023 US, Attn: Indexing). Used it for teaching? Please tell me what your students thought.
    3. Send a recording if you made one to Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, 176 Cox Brook Road, Northfield VT 05663 US, or upload it. I even enjoy amateur or 'living room' performances. Don't be shy!
    4. Do not republish my music without written permission from me. This music is not public domain. The usual rules of copyright apply. Why are my scores free?
  • Looking for parts? This link is the index of all score downloads, including music not yet listed here.
  • Find manuscript scores described in the Big List. Ask me for photocopies.
  • Want scores or parts you don't see? Is the music not arranged for your ensemble? Ask me. I can make arrangements or grant you permission to do so.

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