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How to access the Cross-Table for a United States Chess Federation tournament that you were in.

Go to the U.S. Chess Federation website, USChess.org

On the USCF home page click on the Member Services Area Link (MSA)

Click on Look up a Member near the top of the page.

In the box, type in the last name, a comma, then the first name of the member -- making sure the spelling is correct.

Click on Search, to the right of the name.

The results of the search may turn up more than one name. It also lists the state, so that you should be able to find the name you are looking for.

Click on the name.

Now click on the Tournament History ("Tnmt Hst") Tab on the upper right. All tournaments since 1991 that the named player participated in should be listed.

Click on the tournament of interest, for example, Vermont Chess Camp 2007.

Click on All Sections.

Scroll down until you see the name you are seeking. The entire Tournament Cross Table for both Section 1 (Tyler and Bob’s group) Section 2 (Allyn and Matt’s group) will be there.

Below each name is the official USCF ID Number. There is also the ‘before’ and ‘after’ rating estimate.

  • R stands for the Regular rating.
  • Q stands for the Quick rating, based on games whose time control is 30 minutes per games (or less).
  • There may be the letter P and a number after the rating. This means that the rating is Provisional, based on the number of games listed. After a certain number of games (about 25) the rating is no longer provisional and tends not to fluctuate as drastically.

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