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Cheap Under $5 Microphone Shockmount


The idea was to make a light shockmount that had no resonance. That means different materials: wood, metal, plastic, cloth, elastic. Velcro was used for spacing the suspensions (hair ties).

  1. Trim the wood about the length of the mics (4 inches for my Okatava O12 mics).
  2. Round one end a little so it fits into a standard mic clamp.
  3. Drill a hole through the clamps opposite the screw end.
  4. Drill two larger holes (the size of the bolts) through the square ends of the wood.
  5. Slide the first bolt through the first hole in the wood, through the first clamp, and tighten the nut (see pix).
  6. Slide the second bolt through the wood, clamp, and tighten.
  7. Attach two Velcro squares each at 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, and 10:30 on the outside of the clamps, leaving about 1/8" between them (see pix).
  8. Undo each clamp, slide in four hair ties on each one, and redo the clamps.
  9. The shockmounts are finished. Grab a mic, slide it through, and loop the four ties around the back end and four ties around the front end.
  10. Here's the trick part: Loop each tie around the 1/8" space in its respective pair of Velcro fasteners. Don't drop the mic.
  11. Voilà. The resonance is first damped by the change to wood, then to metal, then to the cloth/elastic hair ties, and the mounts are light and thin enough not to disturb sound patterns.
  12. The regular mic clamps can move up, down, left, right to choose various recording patterns.
  13. In my pix below, you can see two mics mounted on a mic stand in a phased array, with the crossbar made from a Radio Shack desk stand.

shockmount 1 shockmount 2
shockmount 3 shockmount 4

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