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Miscellaneous stuff for sale

Why am I selling all my stuff? I'm not selling all of it. But I am crowded out by things, things I am no longer using and which need a better home than mine. I have photos, rare posters, and original published material as well, one-of-a-kinds that will probably head for eBay.

Interested? Make an offer by contacting me.

Items struck through like this have been sold.


See miscellaneous stuff for sale




Bach, J S. Cantata No. 40. Vocal score. Breitkopf 6265. [E]
Bach, J S. Cantata No. 78. Vocal score. Breitkopf 7078. [2 c., both VG]
Bach, J S. Canata No. 106. Vocal score. Breitkopf 7106. [E]
Bach, J S. Four Chorales from Jesu Priceless... Vocal score. Schirmer 35695. [F]
Bach, J S. Two-Part Inventions. Mason ed. Schirmer 379. [G]
Bach, J S. 101 Chorales. Buszin ed. Schmitt SCHBI 9065. [VG]
Bach, J S. Christ Lag in Todesbanden, organ score. Schirmer 45946. [VG]
Beethoven, L. V. German Dances for the Piano. Seiss ed. Schirmer 1652. [E]
Beethoven, L. V. Contra-Dances for the Piano. Seiss ed. Schirmer 1528. [E]
Beethoven, L. V. Symphonies 1-5, piano 2 hands. Singer ed. Peters 196a. [VG]
Beethoven, L. V. Symphonies 6-9, piano 2 hands. Singer ed. Peters 196b. [VG]
Berlioz, H. Harold in Italy. Full-size, full score. Kalmus L277. [VG]
Bernstein, L. Chichester Psalms, vocal score. B&H LCB-214. [VG]
Billings, W. Anthem for Thanksgiving Day. Bourne 839. [G]
Billings, W. Be Glad Then America. Dickinson ed. Music Press [F]
Brahms, J. Piano Concerto D minor, Bb major. Full score, miniature. Kalmus F300. [VG]
Brahms, J. Liebeslieder & Neue Liebeslieder Waltzes. 4 voices, piano 4 hands. Peters 3912. [VG]
Carissimi, G. Jephte. Vocal score. Ricordi NY1599-40. [VG]
Chopin, F. Preludes for piano. Joseffy ed. Schirmer 34. [VG]
Chopin, F. Piano Concerto No. 1. Miniature score. Kalmus 133. [VG]
Handel, G F. Six Sonatas for Violin & Piano. Fischer L846. [E]
Handel, G F. Israel in Egypt. Vocal score. Kalmus. [VG]
Haydn, F J. Symphony No. 103. Full-size, full score. Kalmus. [VG]
Liszt, F. Sonata in B minor for piano. Kalmus. [E]
Monteverdi, C. Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda. Malapiero ed. Chester JWC71. [2 c., 1 E, 1 VG]
Mozart, W A. Sonata in D, Fugue in C minor, piano 4 h. Hughes ed. Schirmer 1504. [E]
Mozart, W A. Missa Brevis in F K192. Vocal score. Schirmer 43172. [F]
Schubert, F. Scherzo op. post. Schirmer 14974. [G]
Schubert, F. Erlkonig. High voice. Schirmer 27617. [VG]
Tchaikovsky, P. Twelve songs, vol II, low voice. Schirmer 715. [G]
Zingarelli, N A. Go Not Far From Me. Vocal score. Gray 1464. [F]
One for the Melody, Unison Songs by Classic Composers. Ades ed. Shawnee. [VG]
Renaissance to Baroque, vol. III, English Music. Harold Flammer. [E]
Songs of Germany: Eight-one German Folk- and Popular Songs. Spicker ed. G. Schirmer 16784. 1932. [VG]
Italian Vocal Duets from the Early Eighteenth Century. Saville ed. G Schirmer 46014. [VG]

Methods and Studies

Hanon, C. The Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises. Schirmer 1071. [VG]
Hrimaly, J. Scale-Studies for the Violin. Schirmer 842. [E]

Used by my Renaissance Ensemble Nil Conscire Sibi

Anon. T'Andernaken. 5 instruments. Renaissance Band vol 1. London Pro Musica LPM RB1. [VG]
Adson, J. Courtly Masquing Ayres vol 1. English Instrumental vol 3. London Pro Musica LPM EM3. [E]
Aichinger, G. Three Marian Motets. 3 recorders. Hettrick ed. Consort Music CM1029. [E]
Bach, J S. Sonata in F. Recorder, b.c. Murray ed. Schott RMS 586. [VG]
Bach, J S. Aria 'Sheep May Safely'. 2 recorders, voice, b.c. Hunt ed. Schott RMS20 [G]
Byrd, W. The Leaves be Green, 5 recorders. Moore ed. Schott RMS 792. [2c., both VG]
Byrd, W. Fantasia a 4. Wailes ed. Schott RMS 796. [G]
Dieupart, C. Suite VI in F minor. Ruf ed. Pelikan 859. [E]
Dowland, J. Lachrimae... I. Antiquae, Semper Dowland, Hobies. Hunt ed. Schott RMS 518. [G]
Dowland, J. Lachrimae... II. Antiquae Novae, Umpson, Griffith. Hunt ed. Schott RMS 520. [VG]
East, M. Ayerie Fancies of 4 parts. Schott Grubb ed. RMS 700.
Frescobaldi, G. Canzoni Francese. Moeck 359/360. [VG]
Frescobaldi, G. Cazona on Ruggiero. 4 recorders. UE 14026 [VG]
Handel, G F. Fitzwilliam Sonatas. Dart ed. schott 10062 [F]
Handel, G F. Water Music arr. 5 recorders. Baines ed. Oxford. [E]
Jenkins, J. Allemande und zwei Fantasien. 4 recorders. Moeck 380/381.
Johnson, R. Buhnentanze und Tanzlieder aus der Zeit Shakespeares. Sop/alt recorder, b.c. Moeck 386/387. [VG]
Josquin des Pres. Cueurs Desoles. 4 recorders. Schott RMS 1314. [G]
Josquin des Pres. La Spagna. 5 instruments. Renaissance Band vol 3. London Pro Musica LPM RB3. [E]
Lasso, O. Bicinias for singing for two equal instruments. Kalmus K6839. [VG]
Lassus, R. Nine chansons. Anthologies of Renaissance vol 2. London Pro Musica LPM AR2 [E]
Manchicourt, P. Nine chansons. Parisian Chanson vol 2. London Pro Musica LPM PC2. [E]
Marcello, B. Sonata for flute and bass. Slater ed. Oxford. [VG]
Martini, J. Four chansons. 3 recorders. Consort Music [VG]
Marx, K. Kleine Suite nach Tanzen..., 4 recorders. Barenreiter 1939. [E]
Obrecht, J. Ave Regina Caelorum. Lord ed. Muses Gardin MGAM 0030. [G]
Praetorius, H. Two Antiphonal Christmas Carols. Monkemeyer ed. Moeck 366. [F]
Praetorius, M. Allerley Frantzosiche Dantze zu vier Stimmen 1612, II. Monkemeyer ed. Heinrichshofen N1312. [E]
Quantz, J J. Sonata a 3. Recorders. Schott 748 [VG]
Rossi, S. Sinfonie, Gagliarde, Canzone, 1607-1608, Vol. I. Strings/recorders, b.c. Rikko ed. Mercury [F]
Schein, J H. Suite XIII, G minor. Moeck 362. [E]
Spadi, G B. Ahcor Che Col Partire, diminutions for a solo instrument. Horsley ed. AMP NYPM/IS-2. [E]
Tallis, T. Lamentations parts I & II for 5 voices. Buck ed. Oxford TCM 47. [3 c., 1 VG, 2 E]
Telemann, G P. Triosonata in B flat major. Alto recorder, harpsichord, b.c. Pelikan 861. [VG]
Telemann, G P. Triosonata in C major. Alto recorder, descant viols, b.c. Pelikan 860. [VG]
Telemann, G P. Trio in D minor. Alto & tenor recorders, b.c. Schott 3654. [G]
Telemann, G P. Sonata No. 1 in F major. Treble recorder, b.c. Bergmann ed. Schott 10060. [E]
Telemann, G P. Sonata No. 2 in C major. Treble recorder, b.c. Bergmann ed. Schott 11236/RMS 1378. [E]
Tomkins, T. Fancy and Voluntary. 4 recorders. UE 14015. [G]
Vitali, G B. La Scalabrina, sonata for 5 recorders. UE UE 10433.  [VG]
Vivaldi, A. Concerto in C Major F. VI, No. 4, for piccolo, string, cembalo. Colombo NY 2279. [2c., 1 G, 1 VG]
Vivaldi, A. Concerto in A minor for piccolo or recorder and piano. Rampal ed. International 2347. [E]
Sechs Stucke Alter Meister. Alto recorder, b.c. Kaestner-Spittler, ed. Schott 3741.
Music for Crumhorns 1. Forty-three pieces for four instruments. London Pro Musica LPM MCR1. [E]
Thirty Chansons, for three instruments or voices. Parisian Chanson vol. 10. London Pro Musica LPM PC10. [E]

Music Books

None listed yet.


Popular Electronics 1972 (3-12), 1973, 1974, 1975 (2-5, 7-12), 1976 (1-11), 1977, 1978, 1979 (1, 4-12), 1980 (1-7), 1982 (2-12), 1983, 1984, 1985 (1-4)
Byte June 1977 through June 1987 except September 1984. Includes Best of Byte Vol. 1
Rainbow 1983 (6, 9), 1984 (5), 1985 (2-12), 1986 (1-8,11), 1987 (2-12), 1988 (1, 4-12), 1989 (1-6), 1990 (1-5). In binders.
Bon Appetit 1978-1984, complete. In binders with indices.
Gourmet 1969-1979, complete. In binders with indices.