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Easy Folding Jig


I often need to fold booklets and musical scores. Trying to keep edges straight is always trouble, so I modified a paper cutter.

  1. Cut a ruler so it fits down into the feet of the paper cutter.
  2. Drill three small holes so the ruler doesn't split (photo 1).
  3. Face the ruler's guide toward the inside, and screw it into place (photo 2).
  4. The finished folding jig looks totally ordinary (photo 3).
  5. To fold, first place the paper stack against the back guide and roll it so both edges hit the guide (photo 4).
  6. Slide it left against the side guide (photo 5).
  7. Press with thumbs and draw outward from the center (photo 6).

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folding jig 1photo 1
folding jig 2photo 2
folding jig 3photo 3
folding jig 4photo 4
folding jig 5photo 5
folding jig 6photo 6

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