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Dennis Báthory-Kitsz is a composer, author, editor, teacher, and technologist. He is engaged in the advancement of arts and technology from both a humanist and experimental perspective. Dennis is available for commissions, master classes, writing and editing, teaching and presentations, seminars and performances, music engraving, and website evaluation. His current presentations include contemporary music and website design for accessibility.

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Summary Résumé

Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, 1949-

Composer, performer, conductor, multimedia artist, author, editor, teacher, technologist.

Composer of more than 1,200 compositions with performances worldwide. More
Recipient of more than 200 commissions for new musical compositions. More
Founder and director of music ensembles, arts festivals, concerts and events. More
Teacher of theory, composition, orchestration, technology and intellectual property. More
Author of books and articles in music, technology, history, the arts and travel. More
Designer and builder of acoustic and electronic instruments and music software. More
Radio host and interviewer. More
Speaker on music and technology. More

BA, Rutgers University (New Brunswick), 1970
PhD, Stichting Paideia (Amsterdam), 2006

Languages: US English, French; basic Dutch; field-specific/occasional German, Portuguese, Italian.

Selected Past and Present Activities


Current Occasional


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Details of musical work can be found on the composer's home page at

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Selected Musical Compositions

Many works can be found in score, audio and Midi at, and a life list of works with availability is found at All work is published by Westleaf Edition (ASCAP) and distributed worldwide by Frog Peak Music.

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Writings on Music

Additional writings on other topics are found at

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Books and Photographs

Additional details about writing and editing are found at The Transitive Empire,



Published Photographs (excluding technical publications)

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Some Featured Interviews and Reviews (email for list of 70 earlier stories, or see source markup for this page):

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Recordings, Broadcast, and Internet Media

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Performances and Installations

Selected performances as composer/performer/conductor:

Selected Installations:

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Grants, Commissions, and Awards



In progress


Awards & Honors:

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Selected Speaking Engagements and Seminars

The texts of some presentations, along with numerous web-only essays, are available on line at

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Pseudonyms have been used over the years for numerous work and activities, in some cases at the request of clients, in others to separate the kinds of work being done.

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References Available on Request
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