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Using the Chat Room Site

The idea is to chat and listen to music at the same time. You need a Java-compatible browser to do this, such as a recent version of Netscape or Internet Explorer. We do not have file-posting software, but if you forward a Midi file as an email attachment to the moderator, it can be immediately posted on the listening page.

Note: This Java chat seems to be incompatible with the IChat browser plug-in. You may need to remove or disable the IChat plug-in to proceed past the logon screen. Please report incompatibilities or problems via our Contact Form

At the bottom of the chat window is a small, one-line window. In the small window you type your comments to be sent along to the chat (followed by Enter or Return). There are also commands you can use during chat. You can...

Check the buttons and tabs below for some easier ways of navigating.

Menu Bar
Quit ButtonThis button closes the chat window and returns you to the chat sign-on screen.
Help ButtonThis button presents the commands you can use during chat. You can display date and time ("/date"), join another room ("/room"), make a statement about yourself ("/me"), change your current nickname ("/nick"), or find the email address of another participant ("/who"). Also, another way to get help is to type "/help". Check the buttons and tabs below for easier ways of navigating.
About ButtonThis button is a commercial for the company who sells this chat room software.
Font ButtonThis button changes the font size in your chat window. Since you can resize the chat window to your taste, you may want to enlarge the font to make reading easier.
Selection Tabs
Rooms TabThis tab shows what rooms are available in the chat session. By selecting the room, you can use the "Get Room Info" and "Join Room" buttons below.
Users TabThis tab shows who is in the chat session. By selecting a user, you can use the "Get User Info", "Private Chat", and "Silence User" buttons below.
Users Info Box
Get Users BoxThis button gets the selected user's email address -- assuming the user has entered a real one.
Private Chat BoxThis button opens a private chat with the selected user -- but please try to stay in the public area most of the time!
Silence User BoxThis button silences the selected user ... but you're the only one for whom those comments will be invisible.
Room Info Box
Get Room BoxThis button tells which users are in the selected room.
Join Room BoxThis button joins the selected room.