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All on-line publications are complete. Some include additional multimedia material not included in the original publication.


=K=P= The Karmora Papers ... root canal humor of sci-fi with the adventures of Treflin Karmora and her brother Kiborde pa-Karmora, plus Mad Luigi and his Momma, Pike and his wok, Quand-12 and the Ammoniweed Eaters, Dana and the Magnetic Nuns, the jolly Jovians, and the furry, fiery populace of Mokus-5. This is an on-line version of the published novel, which is available from Malted/Media.
Hiker! The Middle-Aged Hiker ... follow the real-life adventures of four hikers in the great Southwest as they stumble their way through middle age, all the while discovering the grandeurs of the Grand Canyon and other natural wonders, physical decay, and the high, thin ridge line between birth and death. Includes dozens of photographs, with songs and lyrics, unexpurgated journals, lists of stuff to take, an extensive bibliography, and a detailed index.
Hiker! The Custom TRS-80 ...classic book on the software and hardware modifications to the original Radio Shack TRS-80, the experimenter's paradise that appeared on the scene from Texas eastward before the Apple crawled out of California.

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