Classical Music Composed for You!

Be part of a groundbreaking new wave! Bring new classical music back into your life!

Get goosebumps again! Have one-of-a-kind classical music written just for you.

What's this about? You commission me to write a new musical composition for you ... or family, friends, school, business, or any other occasion.

How does this work? You commission music in blocks of measure-parts, at $50 per block. You choose the instruments and an available date in January. Here are the dates available (in gray). Future months will be offered on eBay a week before the month begins.

What do I get? First you will receive a beautiful confirmation certificate. Then your musical score (the sheet music) will be finished on the date you choose and sent to you.

What are measure-parts? They're bars of musical "lines". A violin plays one line. A piano plays two (left and right hands). An organ plays three (foot pedals!). A choir is four or more. It goes all the way up to a full orchestra. Unsure? This chart has ideas and sample lengths.

Who am I? I'm a lifelong composer who has written nearly 800 compositions. My music has been played around the world by soloists and symphony orchestras. I can write pretty, I can write tough. You choose! Read more about me.

Want to hear what I write? Just google composer Dennis Bathory-Kitsz. Lots of my music is online.

Questions? First read the terms below, then ask me! Remember, it's one-of-a-kind classical music written for you.

Keep in mind: Lots of great music is less than 150 measures long! You don't have to order up a huge symphony!

Suggested reasons to commission new music:

  • Classical concerts
  • Weddings and family events
  • Child's first music
  • School productions
  • Performers with little repertoire
  • Museum or gallery openings
  • Celebrations of public events
  • Dedications of monuments
  • Gifts for friends and lovers
  • Unique themes for businesses
  • Television and radio audio logos
  • Underground dinners
  • Sports events and halftime shows
  • Dressage and gymnastics
  • Personal challenge or enjoyment

Important! This special version of the "We Are All Mozart" offer for 50 measure-parts for $50 each is only available through eBay. I write only one piece per day, so please contact me before purchasing!

The Fine Print: Terms for "We Are All Mozart" compositions commissioned via eBay:

1. The composer of the music is Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (‘I/me’). The commissioner of the music is the eBay buyer (‘you’).
2. You commission music in blocks of 50 measure-parts or 30 seconds (see this chart).
3. Your cost is $50 per block; blocks are combined to make up longer pieces of music.
4. I will keep close to the commissioned length or number of measure-parts you commission; none will be shorter.
5. "Completion" means the completion of the composition process. Professional engraving of scores or production of recordings may take place at a later time.
6. The composition calendar may change due to travel or family obligations. I will move less demanding compositions to those days.
7. You may request but not require styles of composition; I reserve final artistic choices.
8. You should provide information about performer skill level and limitations.
9. If you request music for unusual instruments, you must provide performance practice information.
10. All long or large pieces will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
11. You must include text and clearances for vocal or choral music.
12. You may provide samples for electronic commissions; samples must be cleared.
13. I will compose special arrangements of music, but only from public-domain sources.
14. First performances are reserved to you for 12 months after I finish the music.
15. You must record first performances.
16. All music will carry my copyright, be published by Westleaf Edition, and be dedicated to you (or to another at your request).
17. For acoustic commissions, you will receive the signed manuscript or, in the case of music composed directly to software, a signed copy of the printout.
18. For electronic commissions, you will receive two copies on CD with dedications, and source files if you want them.
19. One piece will be completed each day in 2007.
20. I guarantee all work is written by me.
21. I reserve the right to reject and refund the fee for any improper or illegal request.
22. I reserve all other terms and conditions.