The Middle-Aged Hiker

List-O-Stuff #2

(gross weight 80 lbs.)
David & Susan, Grand Canyon Hiking Venture 1992
PERMIT                                  Wristwatch (2)
TENT (Bibler Ahwahnee)                  Candle lantern
--Groundcloth (5x7, plastic)            --Spare candle
--4 strap fastener things               Hiking boots (2 pr.)
BACKPACK (2)                            Tevas (2 pr., you wonít regret it)
Sleeping bag (2, zip together)          Baby wipes (16, you wonít regret
--Stuff sack for sleeping bag (2)               this, either)
Thermarest (2, attach together)         Powder
--Stuff sack for Thermarest (2)         Folding toothbrushes
Emergency blanket                       Toothpaste
STOVE                                   Dr. Bronerís 18-in-1 pure castile
--Stuff sack for stove                          soap (8 oz.)
--Stove wrench (just in case)           Hairbrush & comb
--22 oz. fuel bottle (2)                Small trash bags
--Fuel pour spout                       Large trash bag
--Matches                               Trail map
--Lighters (2)                          EYE STUFF
COOKING STUFF                           --Headlamps (2)
--Fork (2)                              --Sunglasses (2 pr.)
--Spoon (2)                             --Regular glasses (2 pr.)
--Blue bowls (2)                        MEDICINES ETC.
--Cups (2)                              --Vitamins
--Plates (2)                            --Scissors
--Measuring cup (plastic)               --Deodorant (2)
--Cooking pans (2)                      --Tweezers
--Cover                                 --Sunscreen (gentle, for old folks)
--Pot lifter                            --Small medicine kit
Compass (why?)                          --Aloe
Swiss Army knife (2)                    --Moleskin
Thermometer                             --Bandages
Signal mirror in sock                   --Chapstick (2)
Water purifier                          --Ibuprofen
Water bottles (4)                       --Sinus medication
Water bot. insulated carrier (2)        --Aspirin with codeine
Collapsible bucket                      --Antiseptic cream (from D&S)
Insulated cup with lid (2)              --Pantyliners
Journals                                --Handcream-in-a-toob
Postcards                               --Knee bandage (2)
Twine                                   Trowel
Sleeping bag sheet                      Camera
Towels                                  --Extra lens
--2 fluffy green hand towels            --8 rolls film
--2 packtowels                          --Zip-lock bags (quart)
CLOTHES                                 FOOD
--Wallets                               --Gatorade (lime, instant, 1 can)
--Hat                                   --Oatmeal (instant, 10 pkts)
--Visor                                 --Granola
--Handkerchief (2)                      --Powdered milk
--Shorts (2 pr)                         --Powdered apple cider
--Long underwear (2 pr)                 --Instant cocoa
--Polypro top (2)                       --Instant coffee (hazelnut)
--Tee shirts (7)                        --Celery (4 stalks)
--Underbriefs (6)                       --Dried apricots
--Socks                                 --Gorp (nuts & dried fruits; salty)
    --Wool hiking (6 pr.)               --Lipton noodles & sauce
    --Liners (4 pr.)                    --Instant black beans
    --Lightweight (2 pr.)               --Hot peppers
--Rain jackets (2)                      --Hot sauce packets (Taco Bell)
--Balaclava                             --Parmesan cheese packets
--Gloves                                --Soy sauce
--Long pants (1 pr.)                    --Dried shitake mushrooms
                                        --Sun-dried tomatoes
                                        --Rice cakes
                                        --Instant soups & instant couscous
                                        --Granola bars
                                        --Alu mutter (wet, in foil pkg)
                                        --Mountain Chili
                                        --Hawaiian Chicken with Rice
                                        --White meat chicken (2 6- oz. cans)

The Middle-Aged Hiker is Copyright ©1993-97,2002 by Dennis Báthory-Kitsz and David Gunn. All rights reserved.