The Middle-Aged Hiker


For love, support and the ideas we stole, our deep gratitude to Stevie Balch and Susan Hydusik.


Thanks to Josephine and Zoltan Bathory, for helping with the funds and listening to our adventures; Suki and the girls, for a place to stay in the snow; N. Spike Maggio and family, for a different place to stay; Julie Allbrooks for trading vampire stories; Ray F. Jones of the Compuserve Great Outdoors Forum for suggestion on-line options for this book; and, though you’ll hear from him directly, David, for offering the Canyon’s gifts.



Molto acknowledgmente to Jan Carpenter and Bob Melville, for Flagstaffian friendship, Down the River in Four Boats (their treat!), and a zillion other Canyonesque things; Heidi Herendeen, for showing me Bryce Canyon and patiently explaining tent set-up; Martha, Wesley, Suzanne, Bob & Peter, for the best darned boat ride in the biz; Wendy Ogg, the peripatetickest of them all, for leaving Oz in the first place; Jane Pincus, for writing back and making me write stuff down; Jan & Richard, for the many California sojourns.


The Middle-Aged Hiker is Copyright ©1993-97,2002 by Dennis Báthory-Kitsz and David Gunn. All rights reserved.

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