The Karmora Papers

Chapter Twenty-Three


And no... yes... the ropes have caught around his throat and they are wrenching his head off! A spectacular play by the Venutian crackback. And here he comes again around the lower field with the disc, wraps it up and... ohhh! It’s out of control and there’s some blood there. Yes, there’s a lot of it flowing out on the field, Mor, and I think we’ve just about got another tie between these Plutonian Plebes and the home Venutian team.

"But wait a moment, the Plebe’s ripper squad is out there on the offense, and yes, Mor, it looks..."

"You’re right, Lona, it looks like they’re cutting right through that Vulva line now... and they’re drawing more blood than we’ve seen on these fields for a good season or two. What with the Venutian Vulvurs as far behind as they’ve been in the ranking, they’ll have to disable at least...."

"No, no, it looks like the upper field team is getting an edge now, and they’re sharp as razors. They’ve eliminated at least three Plebes in slicing through to the goal, and we’ve got one more Plebe score!

"Two to one, Plutonian Plebes. Just how about that for the beginning of an upset, Mor."

"That’s it, Lona, how about that for an upset! And the crowd is getting pretty upset, too, judging from all the Vomit Squads rushing out for clean-up. Everyone’s getting excited now, and the referees are changing into clean outfits for the fifth quinter of today’s game."

"Well, while we’re waiting, Mor, let’s go down to the small Flagellodome and our commentator, Qak Keepanss, who’s got an on-the-spot interview with that terrific Vulvur defense coach, Raster 34Z McPhee..."

"Yes, thank you, Mor Malted and Lona Larings. Next to me you can see that terrific, undaunted hulk of a gentlepod we’ve all come to know and fear as -- what do they call you, Raster? -- ‘the Vangquishing Vulvuran.’ Raster 34Z McPhee, what I want to know is, how did that brutalized Vulvur defense hold on as long as it did against the Plutonian Razor Squad, and just what do you think you’ll be able to do against those incredible Novasteel Slasherprods?"

"Right, Qak, we’ll get ’em on the run, you betcha. They call me ‘the Vangquishing Vulvuran’ for my skill in there, and, well, down I go, we’ve got a job to do, last quinter, you bet. Gotta go. Vulvuran time!"

"We thank you, Raster 34Z, and back now to action with Mor and Lona up in the booth..."

"Yes, Qak, and we’ve got a flash here from Central Newsflow. It looks like a huge storm of Guan-o-bombs has been directed this way from Jupiter. More on the story as we get it. On the fifth quinter downfield action now, we have the Plutonian Plebes up and after the Vulvurs once again...."


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