The Karmora Papers

Chapter Nineteen


Kiborde pa-Karmora rubbed the MasturBeads firmly and deliberately, as his beautiful cousinís face floated into his mindís eye.

"Treffie blurm blurm blurm," he whispered. "Blurm, Treffie, blurm blurm."

The Ecstatocaster began to glow blue, Kibordeís breathing slowed, and his Mu-Charge was billed according to the current fleshfield rates at Intime Computagraph 18. As he pulled up his swirling rainbow of sweetened exopants, a familiar voice startled him, coming as it did from his own Scramble-o-phon.

"Universal Emotosensor Command. All stop," he heard in his own strangely distant voice. Kiborde began to drool uncontrollably....


...just as on board the astroblimp, the Karmora trio, fully asleep during this portion of the story, heard the Emotosensor decree in their dreams. Their breathing deepened into lobotomic spans....


....while in his armed space trawler, Mad Luigi, who had been watching the approaching astroblimp, un-felt his fanatical desires subside. Once again, as in years past, he began to pick up needle and thread, sew tiny robes for madonnas, and make miniature diapers for Joseph and Maryís lamb. Quand 12 floated unapologetically from his mind....


....and just down the space corridor, Quand 12 himself felt the sinus impact of the Universal Emotosensor Command all-stop order. But since a Saturnianís automatic digestive system is linked directly to the emotions, this led to a series of peculiar solid and liquid emanations from Quand 12ís corpulent form. By the time the Command had fully taken effect, the aerobus became reminiscent of a soon-to-be abandoned row of unsuccessful FrugaHomes on Timespace Square in Old New York, Francanada, 13th sector. Quand 12 slipped and fell down. next

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