The Karmora Papers

Chapter Thirteen


High-intensity magnetographs had revealed total molecular discombobulation of all existing life forms on Saturn, and Mad Luigi was content to let the Gwu senstation confine its reconnaissance of the planet to occasional Sensoid sweeps ... primarily to monitor the aftereffects of the Detronizer, which had ungraciously bombarded the planet with demoralizing insults and astrosocks.

But the Terrans had still not perceived the Saturnians’ sophisticated defenses. Even now, as the Sensoids swept by, the entire leftover civilization was amassed in a subsaturneous carcass factory, planning a series of witty reprisals on certain amusement-seeking community leaders on Terra.

While Guan-o-bombs and Charbeams had rained down upon the surface, melting planned communities and demolecularizing multitudes of creatures on the Intergalactic Endangered Species list (including the Hybrid Rare Mineroids, certain to cause a furor among the Ecoservatives), the Saturn dwellers remained safe and humble under the protection of the anoshield. Caution was still exercised to insure concealment but many furry folk now freely fuzzed through the atmosphere, ingesting ammoniweeds and thinking unkind thoughts about their attackers.


Having sent thought tendrils to Gwu, Quand 20E had learned that his major relatoid, Quand 12, had escaped his captors there, and was fleeing to Mokus 5 ... and that interception from Pluto was imminent. He also learned that the 218 other Saturnian prisoners, still helpless under the Sensoid Sinus Neutralizers, had been transferred to Iapetus where they awaited disposal to the Space Market. They were in no immediate danger ... Quand 12 was.

The lesser relatoid advised others in the carcass factory of the situation and, as one, 80 furlike Saturnians teleported back to the surface. Congregating in a throbbing pile of pilosity, they began to rub briskly together. Soon a powerful anoelectrostatic charge had built up in the sleek fur, which Quand 20E used as a catalyst to propel a mega-telethought spaceward. Then, with Level Five focalization, he directed the telethought to the Erudation and Evaporation Facility on the distant settlement of Boondock.

Direct assistance for Quand 12 was now out of his tendrils. Snorting a succulent ammoniweed into a chewpore, Quand 20E hoped the never-present Boondockos would for once see fit to intervene in this neighboring galactic squabbling ... and, in the nick of time. next

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