The Karmora Papers

Chapter Eleven


Piqued and pummeled, Mad Luigi sank the Ionic Incisors into the last of the 1388 Gwu colonists disrupted by Quand 12’s potent telehypnosis. Once again, cranial misery boxes were reunited with pornobrains as all satelliters were force-fed a huge dose of Contrition. It was time for them to atone for their shenanigans.

Mad Luigi ordered them to recapture the escaped Saturnian, although he correctly suspected that such a feat was beyond the decidedly limited talents of the Gwu folk. But, a grudge was a grudge, and he was determined to carry this one against Quand 12 till death they did part.

Gwu’s senstation, monitoring the western space corridors, reported a vessel fleeing Sol System on a course for Mokus 5. It was travelling FAST, as evidenced by the amount of atomic spoor it was leaving behind. Another report from the space wharf: his aerobus was missing and one of the exit ports was covered with green paint.

Zoons! The only available spacecraft were his armed space trawlers -- they couldn’t begin to keep up with the aerobus -- and the nearest astroblimp was on Ganymede, a scenic two Earth-day voyage in itself.

His only chance to recapture the Saturnian was to have him intercepted. He knew a couple of entrepreneurs at the penal colony on Pluto. If they set out at once in a space semi towards Klondike’s Star, he calculated that they would meet up with the aerobus before it left the System, assuming it stayed on course for Mokus 5 ... a relatively sure bet.

Mad Luigi sent the request to Pluto through dwarf-space channels, and then hopped aboard a local trawler so that he might follow the action and arrive in time to pick up the pieces...whosever they were.


An Earth-day later, Mad Luigi was still a million kilometers behind the aerobus, but his Lookout- o-phon indicated that the blip which had originated from Pluto was ready to intercept it. Exultantly, he opened his communication sensopods to maximum in hopes of monitoring the impending encounter.

A squeal...a signal from the Lookout-o-phon.

Two unannounced blurms were converging on the aerobus and the space semi. They weren’t from Pluto...they couldn’t yet be from Mokus 5...and they moved at such incredibly brisk speeds, they almost seemed to materialize right out of thin space!

Anxiously, Mad Luigi wondered who in all the galaxy these interlopers might be.


And on the fleeing aerobus, as his probing mindscan failed to break through a seemingly impenetrable pneu-guava forcefield, Quand 12 wondered the same thing. next

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